Jesse recently celebrated his 11th anniversary with Gunter Pest and Lawn!
He’s a Kansas City native and Waldo resident, attended Rockhurst High School and his undergraduate degree in St. Louis, Missouri.
He loves collecting hats, live music and hanging out with friends! We’re lucky to have him on our team.

Get To Know Jesse:

What are you most passionate about? One day being debt free!

What’s your favorite movie? Once Upon a Time in the West

How long have you worked at Gunter Pest and Lawn Care and what are your favorite things about working here? I’ve worked at Gunter for 11 years. I enjoy being on my own all day, interacting with customers one-on-one and now driving a Tesla Sports Car. I’m one of the first few employees to get to drive one of our new company electric Tesla Vehicles.

What are your favorite things about living in Kansas City? I live in Brookside, Kansas City. I like going to diners and dives around the city.