We asked Kevin Eaton some questions to get to know him.

Get To Know Kevin Eaton:

What are you most passionate about?

Completing every job successfully. In my personal life, I enjoy BMX, skateboarding, kayaking and anything outside!

What’s your favorite movie?

RAD (1986) or Gleaming the Cube (1988)

What’s your favorite family tradition?

We take an annual canoe trip

What do you enjoy most about your new coworkers or the job so far?

They’re very knowledgeable about pest control and friendly.

What’s the most unique experience treating a customer’s house?

The most unique has to be seeing the families’ history in their house, some dating back hundreds of years.

Where were you born and how long have you lived in The Kansas City area?

I was born in Concordia, KS. I’ve moved a lot, but have been in the Kansas City area for about twelve years.

What are your favorite things about Kansas City and what area of the city do you live?

Kansas City is a very artistic city, and people live free. I currently live in Lee’s Summit.

What is one thing your co-workers might not know or find surprising about you?

I’m a thrill-seeker and love big ramps and taking big jumps on my BMX bike.

What are a few things on your bucket list?

I’d love to take a vacation during the week, travel to another country, and buy a house.