Gunter seeks out the best of the best to join our team and start careers, and over the years, we’ve managed to keep a family-like atmosphere for our employees. Each member of our team is extremely valuable and brings a special personality or skill set to the table.  We are always looking for motivated individuals to join the Gunter Crew. Feel free to send us an email at info@gunterpest.com with your resume attached.

About Us And Our Careers:

Gunter Pest and Lawn is a family-owned business, and all employees are treated like and interact as a family. We’ve been in business since 1950 and are the oldest, largest local pest control company in the Kansas City Metro Area. We pride ourselves on professionalism, expertise, and a friendly staff. Because we are the oldest pest company in Kansas City, we hold our technicians and office staff to the highest level of expectation regarding performance and customer service.

Do I need experience?

We do not require experience from a starting-rate technician, rather we look for applicants with strong character values who are interested in building a career at Gunter, are dedicated to seeking growth, and motivated to perform at a high level every day. Our 70,000 Kansas City customer base is very important to us, and our technicians are on the front lines every day interacting with them – so it’s very important that our technicians not only perform the tasks required of the position but equally important that they like and are motivated by their job!

New careers can be scary, but Gunter Pest & Lawn makes starting a new career seem easy.What values do we look for in our employees?

We are seeking character values (not limited to) the following:

  • Trustworthy
  • Accountable
  • Punctual
  • Responsible
  • Motivated
  • Respectful
  • Friendly


Competitive hourly wage plus commission and benefits!

Duties required of experienced or entry-level technician:

  • Perform inspections and treatments for general and unique pests in and around residential and commercial customer accounts
  • Determine, recommend, and provide required pest management services
  • Inform customers on how to work with us to eliminate pests in their home or office through proper sanitation, storage, and landscaping.
  • Prepare written reports for customers, and explain services provided and chemicals used in-writing and in-person to customer whenever possible
  • Operate and maintain service vehicle, and other service equipment per government and per instruction by Gunter
  • Utilize, secure, and store products and materials in strict accordance with labels, and government and company guidelines
  • Assist in sales efforts for additional products or services – this will earn a commission
  • Document service activities as required, and complete and submit paperwork as directed
  • Maintain licenses, certifications, and/or registrations as required
  • Participate in company training
  • Ensure required equipment, products, and materials are on service vehicle to perform scheduled services

Benefits and Perks:

  • We’re proud to provide competitive wages and continued pay raises over time to our employees
  • Our employees make a career out of Gunter because of the opportunities to pursue additional income through sales commission and commitment to years of employment
  • All employees are treated with respect and are motivated to be their best selves
  • “All expenses paid” bonus trips for our entire staff when we meet team sales goals (see below)

Fun Facts:

  • 70% of our employees have been with Gunter 10 + years
  • 20% of our employees have been with Gunter for 20 + years
  • 10% of our employees have been with Gunter for either 1-5 years or 30+ years
  • When our staff meets sales goals determined by owner/CEO/GM, our entire team is taken on a fun trip – all expenses paid for by Gunter as a Thank You for hard work and dedication. Our recent bonus excursion was to Cancun, but we’ve also been on cruises to Jamaica and The Mexican Riviera!

*We perform a criminal background check, motor vehicle record check, and drug screening on all potential employees. 

*Must have High School Education or GED

Job Type: Full-Time Career

Ready to start your career?