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Cricket Exterminators Located in Kansas City, MO


Crickets are busybodies at night and hide during the day. They often overwinter as young nymphs or adults. Females lay their eggs in early spring and they hatch during April. Our experienced cricket exterminators know how to handle this problem.

Crickets are typically found outdoors around buildings, typically in cool, moist environments such as under mulch (waiting to jump out and surprise you in your garden), stones, railroad ties, woodpiles, and debris. Around homes, they can also be found in wells and drainage pipes or under sheds and air conditioner units. Indoors, crickets are often found in damp basements, utility rooms, crawlspaces, garages and occasionally in attics. They often invade structures when it becomes hot and dry outside.


Crickets do not pose any health threats to humans, but they can become quite the annoying nuisance if they gain entry to your home. Occasionally, certain species have been known to damage clothing and other fabrics like curtains.