#1 Rodent Exterminators in Kansas City

Gunter Pest & Lawn offers residential and commercial rodent treatment. Our residential services can be scheduled as an individual treatment, or included with one of our full-home pest control services in the Kansas City area. Our rodent exterminators provide treatments that include a full inspection + bait throughout your home. We take care of rats and mice in your home and we are happy to identify the type of rodents that you have in your home.

Pricing Options

Option 1: $250 with our residential quarterly pest control plan. (recommended). Includes free ongoing maintenance and re-baiting after initial $250 set-up fee.

Option 2: $250 for a single rodent control service. Includes a follow-up visit four weeks later to inspect for new rodent activity and re-fill the bait stations as needed.

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Rodent infestation warning signs

Before you give your local rodent exterminators a call, it’s helpful to know what the warning signs of an infestation are so that you can articulate your findings. Communicating some of the damage you’ve found or peculiar sounds you’ve heard can help rodent exterminators determine what kind of pest is causing the damage and how bad the infestation is.

Rodent Prevention In Kansas City

Once you’re certain that you have a rodent infestation, the next step is to contact Gunter Pest & Lawn so that we can eradicate the problem. In a perfect world, an exterminator would show up moments after you call, but unfortunately, that’s not always feasible. In the meantime, we want to equip you with a few tips and tricks for keeping rodents at bay before the rodent exterminator arrives.

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