Gunter’s Residential quarterly pest control program

Just $40 a month after an initial first-time payment of $99

Our residential quarterly pest control plan is designed to keep your home pest free for an entire year with free callbacks. This program targets ants, spiders, silverfish, crickets, beetles, roaches and other general pests. Termites, bed bugs and rodents are a separate service fee.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to be proactive when it comes to pests. Unfortunately a majority of people don’t take action until they already have a pest problem that has caused irreversible damage or put the health of their loved ones at risk. This program prevents ants, spiders, silverfish and other general pests.

Think of it like a leaky pipe. It’s much easier to patch up the leak or replace the pipe than to deal with the damage of a flooded basement. You don’t have to go crazy and schedule a pest treatment every other week, but we do recommend treating your home at least four times a year. It’s our goal to make this process as easy for you as possible and is the reason why we offer this special residential pest control service plan.

Ready to Have a Pest-Free Home and Save Money in The Process?

Here’s How It Works.

First Treatment:

Gunter Pest & Lawn will schedule a convenient time to inspect and treat your home (inside and out) for all types of pests, including spiders, ants and other insects. This initial service will only cost $99.

We also offer a rodent control service for a one-time fee of $175. All ongoing rodent control is included after the initial one-time start up fee. If you’ve seen rodent activity, please note this before our arrival. We will provide a full rodent inspection, looking for evidence and to provide and suggest entry points that you may be able to patch. We will then install bait boxes throughout the home if you’re having rodent activity.

Also, make sure pets and small children are out of the home or in a room you don’t want us to treat for about an hour following the service while the chemical is drying. You can call us back out at no additional cost if you see any pests in between your initial treatment and quarterly treatments.

Pest Control Treatment Plans Commonly Include:

  1. An attic treatment. 
  2. Crack & crevice treatments.
  3. Low odor residual spray along baseboards in each room.
  4. Spot residual treatment in high-risk areas or for specific pests.
  5. Spot fogging as needed for spiders or flying insects.
  6. Baiting for rodents as needed (additional fee applies).
  7. Granular insecticides next to the exterior foundation.
  8. Treating around exterior windows and doors with a long-lasting residual spray.
  9. Removing reachable spider webs and wasp nests.

Ongoing Quarterly Treatments:

Following the initial inside + out treatment, we will come back to your home every quarter to re-apply an exterior granular preventative barrier surrounding your home. We also sweep under reachable eves for spiders and apply insecticidal dust to help prevent re-infestation.

We also inspect for obvious signs of termites and/or rodents. We’ll call, email or text you the day before we come (your choice in contact method). We’ll be treating the outside only, so you don’t need to be home unless you want to! If you’re having a problem inside, we’re happy to spot treat as needed to take care of your problem areas. If you have a locked gate, please make note to unlock when you receive our day before reminder. If you need us on the inside and can’t be home that day, please reach out if you need to reschedule.

Again, make sure pets and small children are out of the yard during time of treatment. You can call us back out at no additional cost if you see any pests in between quarterly services

All your pest prevention for just $40 a month!

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