Keep your home (and your pets) pest free for a full year with Diamond Quarterly treatments.

First Visit:

This is what to expect from the Diamond Quarterly Treatments Plan. Gunter Pest & Lawn will schedule a convenient time with you to inspect the home inside and out for all types of pests, including spiders, insects, and rodents. Then, we perform a treatment according to your specific needs.

Pest Control Treatments Usually Consist Of:

1)An attic treatment. 

2) Crack & crevice treatments.

3) Spot residual treatment in high-risk areas or for specific pests.

4) Spot fogging as needed for spiders or flying insects.

5) Baiting for rodents for extermination as needed.

6) Granular insecticides next to the exterior foundation.

7) Treating around exterior windows and doors with a long-term residual spray.

8) Removing reachable spider webs and wasp nests.

Second, Third, And Fourth Quarterly Visits:

We automatically schedule one of our technicians for your follow-up visits each quarter.

Though you don’t need to be home for these appointments, we will always call the day before as a reminder and our technicians will ask if you need any additional treatments when they arrive.  We are happy to off our pest prevention as the # 1 Kansas City Pest Exterminator service inside as needed – FOR FREE – anytime throughout the year!

Starting At $299 – Diamond Quarterly

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