Today we are answering the question “Are Sentricon termite treatments safe for humans and pets?”.

Yes, Sentricon® is safe for humans and pets.

The active ingredient in the Sentricon bait stations is noviflumuron, which is a slow-acting insect growth regulator that specifically targets termites. This means that it is not harmful to humans or pets, as it is only effective against termites and does not affect mammals or other non-target organisms.

Additionally, the Sentricon system is designed to be minimally invasive and non-disruptive to the environment. The bait stations are installed discreetly around the perimeter of the property, and there is no need for drilling or trenching around the foundation of the building. This means that there is no risk of exposing humans or pets to harmful chemicals during the installation process.

Overall, Sentricon termite treatments are considered a safe and effective option for controlling termite infestations without posing a significant risk to human health or the environment.

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