Do you pay your employee’s benefits? We sure do! We are a Kansas City family-owned and operated business, and we make sure to provide our valued employees with benefits. Some of those benefits include:

  1. A Group Insurance Plan.
  2. A 401k plan.
  3. New Work iPhones.
  4. Overtime Opportunities
  5. AND An Every-Five-Year Expenses Paid Vacation.  (We’ve been on two cruises and to Cancun!  Assuming we meet our sales goal, we are due for our next trip in January 2020 – yay!)

Not only do we provide benefits, but we treat every employee like family. If you have questions or are interested in a position at Gunter Pest & Lawn be sure to reach out to us. We’re always looking for talented individuals to add to our team!

The answer to the question do you pay your employee’s benefits is yes. Learn more about all of these topics in our news section.

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