We consider ourselves the premier eco-friendly Kansas City Pest Control Company! There are many different elements and evolution behind our slogan: Go, Gunter, Go Green. In the 1980s, we officially introduced green as our corporate color. It was simply a happy accident at first since a couple of our service vehicles happened to be green.

The color grew on us and eventually, we decided to make it our official brand color. We didn’t realize this then, but we couldn’t have picked a better color since we decided to put focus on sustainable pest control treatments and green pest control products. We’re proud to say that we were the first in our region to treat homes and businesses with low-odor and low-impact chemicals.

Organically over time, we became established in the marketplace as Kansas City’s “green” pest control company.

Here Are A Few Of Our Initiatives To “Go Green” Over Thirty-Some Years:

  1. We use glue boards and inspections whenever possible.
  2. We introduced fuel-efficient VW beetles into our fleet in 1999 (instead of the majority of trucks like our competitors).
  3. In 2017, we made a promise to go “fully green” by 2020.
    • We started with a new computer and iPhone system, which allows us now to be 99% paperless.
    •  In May of this year (2019), we’re installing solar panels on both buildings in our 1.5-acre Waldo headquarters.
    • Any guesses on our most secret “green” initiative that we’ll be launching to finalize our green initiative in 2020?

Learn more about all of these topics in our news section.

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