Do you find yourself asking “How can I prevent mice from entering my home” every winter? Mice and rats are regular visitors in the winter, so chances are you may have spotted a few in your home! If so you are probably asking what is the most affordable treatment for mice and rats or rodents in general.

The cheapest way to get rid of mice and rats would of course be to do it yourself. Do-it-yourself rodent treatment options can be found at Home Depot, Sutherlands, and most home improvement stores. 

However, we don’t recommend self-treatment for mice or rats because of the expertise needed to identify entry points and handle the bait safely. We are one of the most affordable mice extermination companies in Kansas City.

Our whole-house rodent treatments are $125 and include a full inspection, an analysis of suggested entry points to patch, and a strategic approach to rodent bait installation.

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If you see any evidence of rodents like mice droppings within six months of the treatment, we will come back to re-inspect, re-treat, and re-bait for just a $35 trip fee! With 70 years of business under our belts, we’re one of the most experienced pest control companies in Kansas City and we’d love the opportunity to solve your rodent problems!

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