We’ve heard this question a lot. What Kind of Bug Do I Have in My House? Do you ever notice creepy crawlers in your home, but have no idea what kind of bug they are? Well, don’t fret, at Gunter, we provide you multiple easy ways to identify your pesky pests!

Take a look at our Find Your Bug page where you will find an array of local household nuisances and learn a little in the process. Still not finding what you want? Shoot us an email at info@gunterpest.com including a few photos and we will get back with real-time answers. If you prefer face-to-face communication, we also welcome walk-ins where you can have your bug identified on the spot by one of our experts.

Prevent Ant Infestation

Now that you know the answer to the question “What Kind Of Bug Do I Have In My House” you can move forward with the right plan. Learn more about all of these topics in our news section. You can also call Gunter Pest & Lawn at 816-444-2847 to speak with us about scheduling one of our licensed exterminators to come out and inspect your house. From there we can start services right away.

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