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  • “I have used Gunter Pest Management for many years. The employees never try to upcharge me and only provide my home with what they truly believe it needs. I highly recommend the company!”

    Acey L
    North Kansas City
  • “It was wonderful! They do it quarterly, so they are probably getting ready to come back again. They are very friendly. They came and sprayed the first time, then came back again and sprayed some rooms for us at no charge. They were out that day.”

    Amy K.
    Kansas City, KS
  • “I called today needing a termite inspection to close on my dream home, had to be done by Saturday and Gunter’s receptionist, technician and staff made it happen within 3 hours of my call! Wonderful service and complete report received the same day! Thank you, thank you Gunter!”

    Angela T.
  • “Excellent service. I stopped my annual treatment for a while; just didn’t think I needed it. When the bugs showed up this spring, I knew exactly who to call.”

    Beringia Z
    Kansas City, MO
  • “Our technician Steve Hicks’ people skills are perfect!  He goes above and beyond and never loses his cool.  He’s really an amazing person.”

    Beth A.
    Kansas City, MO
  • “Gunter pest does a great job! This is my second year of signing up for one of their annual service packages. Last year, I had some problems with ants and they came back and took care of them at no cost (part of the annual package). They promptly reply to e-mail and/or telephone calls and always arrive when stated.”

    Braden S.
    Olathe, KS
  • “The ONLY pest service worth your money in all of KC!!!  I’ve used Gunter for 10 years in my home and with three companies I managed. I would never consider any other pest service.  I find the service workers are kind, friendly and always dressed professionally. Have never minded having them in my home.”

    Brandon M.
    Kansas City, MO
  • “They arrived on schedule, sprayed and were professional. We were mosquito free for several weeks after.”

    Brenda L.
    Lenexa, KS
  • “They were friendly, showed up when they said they would, and their work appears to be top notch”

    Brian K.
    Lenexa, KS
  • “I recently moved into a new home and as a precaution I like to have my house treated for all those little pests that could have been running around before us. Spiders scare me) Naturally, the first company I thought of was Gunter. My family has used them through the generations, since they started as a business in the Fifties. Every technician is skilled and has experience unmatched in the industry. I love seeing the same guys time and time again. My house has been bug free for months now. Thanks Gunter!”

    Cate M
    Kansas City, MO
  • “Thank you to office scheduler Holly for your help digging up our treatment records! You went above and beyond the call of duty, and you were nice about it, too!”

    Cathy and Bill C.
    Kansas City, MO
  • “I have been using Gunter regularly since the mid 70’s. I use them because they are family owned and a local company. The guys that come to my home are always polite and clean cut. I had an Indian meal moth problem one time, which are really hard to get rid of and Gunter wiped them out! I also found a recluse spider and they came out and put sticky traps around and now no spiders. They also got rid of the silver fish in our new home. I wouldn’t use anyone else!”

    Christie B.
    Olathe, KS
  • “I bought their annual pest control plan through Angie’s List. They have been prompt and professional. I would use their services again when my contract is up.”

    Clark A.
    Liberty, MO
  • “Gunter has provided us with great service!”

    Claudia F.
    Kansas City, MO
  • “Gunter has been doing termite and pest management on our commercial properties and personal residence for years. They have trained technicians, always answer the phone at the office and provide prompt, courteous service. We have also used their lawn division services with equally satisfied results.”

    Dan N.
    Overland Park, KS
  • “Just wanted to say THANK YOU! Our lawn looks great! We get lot’s of compliments! I also wanted to say how much I appreciate how our technician Steve Hartline closes our gate behind him when we leaves. With two dogs, I am very grateful.”

  • “They understand entomology, technicians are courteous and knowledgeable. Great service.”

    Don G.
    Prairie Village, KS
  • “The inspector showed me old termite tunnels and explained how to break them up. He explained what would look different with active termites. He showed where they had previously treated termites on the property.”

    Elizabeth B.
  • “They are always very prompt and courteous when they come out for treatments. This is year 3 with the company and I’m very pleased and intend to stay with them for as long as the service continues to be this good!”

    Gretchen B.
    Kansas City, MO
  • “High rating on Angie’s list and this service was right on target. bought service for a year and
    recommended to my neighbor who now has the service.”

    Harriet H.
    Platte City, MO
  • “Our technician Christy did such a great job treating our home.  She is DARLING! :)”

    Jan P.
    Mission Hills, KS
  • “Perfect. I relaxed in the living room while he went around spraying an orderless spray. He spent some extra time in the kitchen and even showed us exactly what we were dealing with. It was great to know he took such care. I would definitely recommend this company, and request Matt again!”

    Jennifer B.
    Mission, KS
  • “We have used Gunter for 8 years at two different houses, and they have always done an excellent job! No bugs! And when mice found a way into our house built in 1905, Gunter responded right away and took care of it. They have always been considerate of us as their customers! They are the best!”

    Jim D.
    Kansas City, MO
  • “Household pests can be a problem in older houses, so it is advisable to know a good pest control service. Gunter Pest Management do an excellent job of spraying for pests, but my pleasure largely derives from how kind they are about working with my schedule and with my pets and children. The technician was very clear and courteous about my concerns for the health and safety of my babies and animals. If you find something creeping and crawling in your home, I recommend a call to Gunter Pest Management.”

    Julia F.
    Kansas City, MO
  • Gunter Pest Management were top notch!!! Sprayed and fogged for spiders. Gunter Pest was the only company to find a solution and help reduced/eliminated our spider problem. Gunter Pest was the only pest company that advocated for fogging. Thank you Gunter Pest Management.”

    Katy B.
    Prairie Village, KS
  • “Catie from the billing department was so helpful, gracious and kind when we called to work out payments with Gunter.”

    Laura C.
    Prairie Village, KS
  • “I bought a special through Angie’s List for quarterly service for a year. It was easy to schedule the first inspection and treatment. They come each quarter without me even having to schedule. Good service and no bug issues so we are happy! We will use them again.”

    Laura K.
    Kansas City, MO
  • “I have been using these guys for about 30 years now. They drive those cute green Volkswagen Beetles around town. I am very particular about who comes into my home and every person from Gunter is neat and professional. They treated my home for termites a few years and I also have on-going pest prevention service for silverfish, ants and spiders. I think they call it their Diamond Service. They have been around forever. Old Man Gunter (I forgot his first name) treated my parents’ home in the 50’s when I was a little girl. Now I think his grandson runs it. Amazing Company! We have always been totally satisfied with their service. And I love those green VWs!”

    Linda H.
  • “For our most recent treatment, the service personnel arrived at the earliest part of the appointment time. They were very friendly, very helpful and informative. I get reminders from them regularly. Appointment was very easy to set up and they were very accommodating of my schedule. On a previous visit that needed a follow-up, they came right out with no hassle. I always use Gunter.”

    Logan K.
    Lee’s Summit, MO
  • “They were great, came in and did an initial spray. They were very courteous and professional. Any time that I had an issues (especially with all the rain we had this year) they came out to the house within a few days and sprayed again or did an exterior treatment. I would definitely hire this company again.”

    Lynn E.
    Grain Valley, MO
  • “This is my 2nd year with Gunter and I am completely satisfied. Very professional and if I need them to come back before I am scheduled, they will come back as often as needed.”

    Mary S
    Prairie Village, KS
  • “The service tech came out in a couple days time for the first visit and did extensive interior and exterior treatment. The tech was very personable, incredibly knowledgeable and was a breeze to work with. After several weeks we started seeing some cockroaches again and called Gunter and they scheduled a time for the tech to visit again free of charge (per the annual agreement). Second visit was a few days later and they sprayed again. We still see a few roaches every now and then, but it is much better now.”

    Matthew G.
    Kansas City, MO
  • “I have done business with Gunter on several occasions. Each and every time they have performed with knowledge and integrity. The owner Jay helped me when I was selling a house and the inspector for the buyer said a little growth from a tree root that I clipped off was a potential area for termites. I called Jay because that was going to hold up the closing. He billed me a small amount for the job which was nice of him. I purchased another house that supposedly had a termite treatment. Again, Jay to the rescue. He looked the house over and showed me all the places where termites were living. He suggested I call the first company out and let them redo their treatment. He could have done the treatment and charged me but he was honest and didn’t take advantage of the situation. Next house, termite treatment was done by Gunter. [Dale Austin] came out and showed me where the termites were and made drawings for the technicians that did the treatment. While getting rid of termites is an expensive necessity, doing business with Gunter has always been a pleasure and I’ve felt like I’ve gotten what I paid for. It always smile when I see their little VW service bugs cruising down the highway. Those bugs represent success not pests.”

    Meredith S.
    Overland Park, KS
  • “I use Gunter Pest Management and they’re really good. They were here a couple of years ago in March of 2015. It cost like $75, something like that. I’m a repeat customer with them. They are perfect to deal with when they come out to do the work.”

    Michael L.
    Prairie Village, KS
  • “Gunter was prompt and the technician was courteous. He explained the process and the annual program and asked if I had any specific questions or concerns. He addressed my concerns and explained what he did. We were very pleased with the service.”

    Michelle B.
    Shawnee, KS
  • “Leo our technician did a great job and was so very nice!”

    Mrs. Howell
    Overland Park, KS
  • “Great annual package for continual pest control service. They called the day before our quarterly scheduled maintenance and showed up the next day, did the service and left a summary sheet.”

    Pamela C.
    Kansas City, KS
  • “They have been servicing us at our house since it was built in 1984. Always professional, fast and reasonable.”

    Scott K.
    Leawood, KS
  • I think they were very knowledgeable and they have a good reputation. They also have a lot of
    good feedback from Angie’s List customers. They explained the process very thoroughly about the different types of systems available to treat termites and stuff. Their inspection was thorough. I think I got in on a special.”

    Shawn M.
    Lee’s Summit, MO
  • “Three weeks after the initial application we had another infestation of ants in our kitchen. I called Gunter and they came back out approximately 3-4 days later and did a second application to our house free of charge. Their Diamond Plan says that they will do that for you if you have that plan and they are not lying about it. The receptionist was nice about it and the tech that came out was professional and very nice like the first one. There has been no sign of bugs since that application and we still have three more treatments left on our plan. I like them and have nothing bad to say about their service. I would recommend them if you’re looking for a good locally owned pest service.”

    Philip L.
  • “I like them because they come and check your basement out just to make sure every year that there are no termites. I like to go down in the basement along with them using the flashlight to see if they see anything.”

    Sherrilyn P.
    Overland Park, KS
  • “The person who came out to do the estimate was very helpful and very knowledgeable. I had the estimate performed while purchasing the home and I had some excavation to do around the foundation, by the time I was ready to have the termite treatment performed, we were well into winter and the ground was rather wet. There was one appointment scheduled and no one showed up. After calling the company, they said that someone had been there, but the ground was too wet to perform the treatment. I wish they would have called to let me know so I didn’t have to wait around. I expressed this to the representative on the phone and she very professionally handled my complaint. I had to reschedule at least two other times because of weather. This was expected and in no way the fault of Gunter. The service technicians who came to the house were friendly and professional. With the exception of one minor hiccup in the beginning, the service was excellent.”

    Tracy D.
    Belton, MO