Gunter employees celebrating 38, 25, 17 and nine year anniversaries!

Five employees celebrating 38, 25, 17, and nine year work anniversary with Gunter Pest Management!

As you’ve probably come to find out, we don’t have much employee turnover here at gunter! Over 1/2 of the men and women on our team have been working at gunter for over 10 years! Help us celebrate the anniversary of 4 employees.

Gunter Pest & Lawn employees pictured in 2000.

Our team members tend to mention how they love the family-oriented vibe of our close-knit staff. Our team members have voted on the top four reasons for why they’ve stuck around for so long:

1. We encourage career growth and promotions in exchange for hard work and dedication to the job.

Our General Manager Jeremiah Ryden, for example, is celebrating his 25th work anniversary with the company! Jeremiah first started at Gunter Pest as a summer technician while attending Kansas State University in 1993. Not knowing what to expect, he really enjoyed the job and continued for years with Gunter.  In 2001, he was promoted to General Manager – the role he’s still in now.

Jeremiah – celebrating 25 year anniversary

Jeremiah Ryden is celebrating his 25 year work anniversary at Gunter Pest & Lawn.

Jeremiah treating a home for pest control in the mid 1990s

Jeremiah while attending K State University and working for Gunter in the summers.

2. We are a family-owned and operated business and our management treats all employees (family member or not) with dignity, respect, and encouragement to create own pathways to new sales and promotions throughout a long-lasting career.

Michael Quinn has worked at Gunter Pest almost as long as our president Jay!  He even once worked under Jay’s grandfather – Reggie Gunter – (who passed the family business down to his son-in-law Norman Besheer and then grandson Jay Besheer.)  Michael is a great example of an employee who – because of being treated just like family – has been around for just as long as some of the family.  Pretty cool and we are very thankful to have had our termite expert, Michael, on staff for almost 40 years – Woah!

Michael – celebrating 38 year anniversary

Michael Quinn celebrating 38 year anniversary with Gunter Pest Management!

3. The PERKS of the job!

Our management does an incredible job of showing our employees respect and care personally.  We provide full employee benefits (which is not always the case with our competitors).  Assuming we make our annual sales goal, Gunter takes our entire staff and a guest of their choosing on an all-expenses-paid vacation once every five years!  This gets our employees working hard as a team to accomplish our sales goals so we can go on these trips!  So far, we’ve been on two cruises and to Cancun – lot’s of fun!

Gunter Pest Company Cruise in the early 2000s

Gunter Pest Company Cruise around 2009

Pest control expert Jesse Felzien is a big fan of the employee benefits and vacations.  He works very hard to save – even often working overtime on weekends – and he loves how Gunter provides benefits like insurance and employee vacations.

Jesse celebrating nine year anniversary!

Jesse Felzien celebrating a nine-year anniversary with Gunter Pest & Lawn

4.  With company growth, we treat brand new employees like they’ve been with us for years!

Every few years, we seek and acquire pest control companies that are shutting down or wanting to sell the business.  Our first big acquisition was around 2001 when Gunter purchased A&L Pest Control – a pest control business owned by two brothers David and Dale Austin.  Gunter invited Dale, David and their cousin Brian to join the Gunter staff.  After thankfully accepting, they’ve since been working with us for 17 years!  All three of the cousins have over 30 years of experience in the pest and termite industry.  They each work as leaders in our termite department and we are very lucky to have them!

Dale, David and Brian celebrating 17 year anniversaries!

Dale and David Austin celebrating 17 year anniversaries with Gunter Pest & Lawn

Brian Heckert celebrating 17 year anniversary with Gunter Pest & Lawn

Help us wish all five of these guys a HAPPY WORK ANNIVERSARY!