As we finally make the turn into a long-awaited spring, there are many reasons that make it feel like a breath of fresh air. Even so, everyone should remember that we are not the only creatures that become active again in these months. Birds begin to chirp, bees start pollinating, and mosquitoes start seeking us out in droves. This season, Gunter Pest and Lawn is rolling out a new all-natural mosquito control designed to head off this pest problem with a sustainable solution.

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Natural Mosquito control that Works

As Kansas City’s trusted local pest control company for over 70 years, we prioritize delivering a service that provides our customers with results that make their lives easier. It’s for this reason that we’ve highly valued treatments that deliver the best standard of effectiveness.

Now, thanks to advances in technology and a greater understanding of naturally occurring chemicals, we can now offer the same level of effectiveness with a treatment that protects our environment and the health of our neighbors. Our new treatment, provided by Arkion Life Sciences, has measured mosquito mortality rates on par with industry-standard synthetic repellants.

All-natural mosquito treatment. Mosquito on a human.

Ingredients Provided by Nature

So what makes a treatment all-natural? It simply means that all of Stop The Bites®! Active ingredients are items produced from natural products. This includes naturally occurring oils, solvents, and compounds. In fact, this composition means that all-natural treatments are rarely ever even required to register as an Insecticide.

Stop The Bites®! Uses a proprietary blend of ingredients including Geraniol, Castor Oil, and Lemongrass Oil. These effectively kill mosquitoes while preventing negative runoff effects and threats to children and pets.

Gunter’s Commitment

We’re a multi-generational family business at Gunter. So we place a high priority on protecting our local communities and ecosystem from unnecessary chemical harm. At the same time, we also understand that insects like mosquitoes can wreak havoc on life in the spring. We believe that both of these priorities can and should be addressed in the work we do. We are committed to serving the best interests of our home and yours.

We invite you to try our new all-natural mosquito control and see for yourself how much a difference-maker it can be. Explore our Pest Control Services to learn how we can help protect your home and business, and read more about our commitment to sustainability in the Kansas City Area.

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