Are Stink Bugs Invading Your Home And Life?

Guest post: “The Invasion Of The Stink Bugs: Confessions Of A Pest Guy’s Wife” written by Pam Besheer – wife of Gunter president Jay Gunter Besheer

Invasion Of The Stink Bugs

Do you wake up with stink bugs on your window, looking down on you like THIS? If not, consider yourself lucky!

Yep, we’ve got stink bugs. And I mean a lot of stink bugs. “Grandma, Santa left me a gift with a bug on it!” I’m pulling the laundry out of the dryer and there’s one on top of the dryer. There’s been one on my staircase for two days, one just climbed down my fireplace mantel while I was on the phone with a friend who was asking what these crazy bugs invading her house were. And one is living out his/her/their final days in my bathroom.

If you are like many of my friends who live near me here in the Kansas City area who’ve been burning up my cell asking about stink bugs, well, never fear! I have the answer for you. Though it’s not for the timid:).

First, “why the heck are they in my house?,” I said to the bug guy (my husband) in a not a very nice way this morning. Evidently, they are trying to get out of the cold weather just like us. And they are looking for a water source as well, likely why they’ve been setting up house in my bathroom and near my washer (can’t explain the steps up to the second floor…buddy be lost).

Stink Bugs Are A Thing For Sure

So, how to get rid of them? Well, you could meticulously go around your house looking for every nano centimeter of crack and crevice they could enter into. Or you can schedule a mid-winter pest control spritz with Gunter to tackle not only the stink bugs but Indian Meal Moths and spiders, rodents and other pests that want to find a nice warm home during the winter. (Note: with the exception of some bad spiders, most spiders eat other insects in your home, so they are, literally, you own private exterminators).

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Or, you can do what I am going do to, (well not me, but my husband, the insect whisperer,) and just gently pick them up and put them outside— like a long, seriously long way away from my front door, thank you very much.

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