In Missouri and Kansas law requires all homes being sold to be inspected for termites before it’s sold. That way, those looking to sell or buy a property know exactly what kind of situation and history the title has. Nobody wants to move in and find termite problems. We provide the best Kansas City real estate termite inspections.

An active termite infestation can represent a huge risk to the home’s occupants. Buyers and lenders will require it before anyone can move in. At Gunter, we’ve been conducting real estate termite inspections in the Kansas City area for over 25 years. Our goal is to provides a sense of security whether you are buying or selling your home.

Getting an inspection can help prevent termites before they infest and cause that dreaded termite structural and costly damage. You need to know if you have a termite problem.

Can any Home Inspector do a Termite Inspection?

No. In 2006, Kansas & Missouri implemented laws stating only inspectors who are certified can conduct a real estate termite inspection. These professionals are fully capable of assessing a home for previous or current termite activity and certifying it as termite-free. At Gunter, our inspectors are all certified and have more than 12 years of experience under their belt. They have performed thousands of inspections and can provide a comprehensive report in an efficient time.

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Kansas City termite inspector from Gunter Pest & Lawn.

Why Do Termite Inspections Matter?

Termite activity in a home can lead to critical structural damage that could cost the owner thousands of dollars. Because of this, lenders require homes to be inspected before closing can complete. Furthermore, if termite activity is discovered, the transaction will not be allowed to close until the home receives a termite treatment.

Allowing Pest Control professionals to conduct your home inspection ensures you’ll have access to convenient and effective treatment options.

What happens during a termite inspection?

Our inspectors will conduct a thorough search of the property. They will begin by checking all areas where termite and other wood-destroying insect activity could occur. This includes the outlying lawn, attics, crawl spaces, basements, and even around wood furniture inside the home. These are big places where termites can find food sources. If we find any past or current termite activity, our inspectors will recommend treatment options and help you schedule an appointment.

What to Expect The Day of Your Treatment

  • Our termite exterminators will install Sentricon bait stations throughout the soil areas in your yard(s).
  • Every year, we will come back to inspect and re-bait each station as needed. We will make a note of any station that received any termite activity. If no activity was present, we will note this.
  • As long as you continue to pay the monthly auto charge, you will be protected by our termite stations.
  • If you ever want to stop your termite service with us, we would hate to lose you as a customer, but we will simply schedule a time to come to your home and pull the stations.


Sentricon bait station application performed by a Gunter Pest & Lawn termite expert.

What if my property needs Termite treatment?

If our inspector discovers active termite activity or an infestation, don’t worry. We offer convenient treatment options and future prevention solutions. Our technicians will install Sentricon bait stations by placing them around the exterior of your property. Each station contains bait for termites who are venturing out and looking for structures to feed on.

Sentricon is the gold standard for termite elimination in today’s industry. Its system is scientifically proven to eliminate the entire termite colony. The stations are eco-friendly and much less impactful on the environment than liquid treatments.

Every year, we will return to inspect and re-bait each station as needed. We will make a note of any station that received any termite activity. If you ever wish to stop your termite service, we will schedule a time to remove the termite protection stations.

Sentricon station checking done by a Gunter Pest & Lawn termite expert.

Why Choose Gunter for My real estate termite Inspections?

  • Experience: All of our termite inspectors have over a decade of experience and thousands of treatments under their belts. Also, every inspector holds an official certification. This marks them as one of the most qualified individuals in the Pest Control industry.
  • Attention To Detail: During your termite inspection, our inspectors will look for termite activity from a termite colony. We look for mud tubes, unlike other inspection companies. They will also take note of any additional pest problems that could threaten the home.
  • Flexibility: We employ a robust crew of inspectors that are available throughout the week. We can make an inspection appointment whenever you’re available.
  • Value: We provide a 120-day inspection warranty to home buyers. This is for homeowners with no active signs of termites on the day of inspection. Plus, we’ll pass on discounted pest control services to the buyer of the home.

How to prepare for real estate termite inspections

  • Make sure access to the attic, basement, and any crawl spaces are available.
  • Touch up messy landscaping that covers a home’s exterior.
  • Move items around to ensure that the technician can view hard to reach areas in the home (i.e. under the kitchen sink, behind large furniture).

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Speak with a live Gunter representative today by calling 816-444-2847, or use our contact form. We will help you schedule a Kansas City termite inspection or treatment with one of our termite inspectors for your property. We will provide you an inspection report that details any termite damage to help you with buying a home.

Remember that Gunter is a full-service pest control company. We also take care of bed bugs in the commercial and residential environment. We also offer rodent control, mosquito control, Lawn Care, and other integrated pest management services in the Kansas City area, including Overland Park.

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