Get To Know Hayley Besheer:

What are you passionate about? Meeting new people.

Favorite family tradition? Cheese and chocolate fondue on New Year’s Eve at parent’s house.

What was your first car? Green Volkswagen beetle! A previous Gunter service vehicle 🙂

How long have you worked at Gunter Pest Control and Lawn Care? On and off for 12 years.

What do you do outside of Gunter? Have fun with friends, travel, I own my own business that empowers women in need.

What’s left on your bucket list? Travel to Asia, Africa, skydiving, deep sea diving.

Favorite trip(s): Traveling with family to Italy, Galapagos Islands.

What do you enjoy most about your co-workers? Different unique personalities and good hearts.

An Interview With Haley Besheer
Gunter Pest & Lawn In Kansas City, MO

Pest Control Position

Haylee Besheer
Business Development