Get To Know Tasha:

What are you most passionate about?

My family and the environment

What’s your favorite movie?

Pulp Fiction and Men in Black

What do you enjoy most about your new coworkers or the job so far?

I love the fun atmosphere, the extremely caring people, hard working team

What’s your favorite family tradition?

Jesus cake at Christmas, making cookies with my kids and spending Xmas eve with all of my kids

What is one thing your co-workers might not know or find surprising about you?

I can water ski and sew.

Where were you born and how long have you lived in the Kansas City area?

I was born in Maryland and have lived in the KC area all of my life except a few years living in Georgia and Alabama.

What are your favorite things about living in kansas city? what area of kansas city do you live?

Everything is pretty close by in Kansas City, and there are lots of parks and family entertainment. I love the Plaza Lights!

What are three things left unchecked on your bucket list?

I’d like to go sky diving, travel to Ireland, and finish visiting all 50 states.