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Bugs Found In The Lawrence Kansas Area

Living in Kansas we know that there are tons of little critters that live here with us. This is simply a fact of life and something we already know when moving into the Kansas area. We are invading their space and we have to live with the consequences. With that said, there is always something to do about it. One of those things is calling us here at Gunter Pest & Lawn to take care of your Pest Control issues.

Have you ever been curious about the types of bugs that are generally located in the Lawrence, Kansas area and might be living inside with you? If so here are some common pests that you have most likely had to deal with while living in Lawrence, Kansas.

Common Pests Found In The Lawrence, KS Area

Gunter Pest & Lawn Treats all areas within a 20-mile radius of our Lawrence, Kansas office as well as a 50-mile radius of our Kansas, City, MO main office and a 20-mile radius of our St. Joseph, MO office.

Since you know you have to deal with those pests (calling us), here is a list of the majority of areas that we serve in both Missouri and Kansas. If you don’t see your city listed, contact us to see if we provide service in your area.

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