Upon arriving at your home or business, our pest control expert will perform a full rodent inspection of your property. He or she will inspect for rodent evidence such as droppings, oily marks on baseboards or in corners where rodents frequently travel, etc. Our rodent expert may give suggestions on potential entry points that you may be able to patch to help lower the chances of rodents continuing to come inside your home or business. Our technician will then begin to apply mouse bait boxes and mouse bait throughout your home and outside if needed.

Our rodent experts install the rodent bait in locked bait boxes, and therefore our rodent treatment is a pet and kid-friendly extermination method. Our pest control exterminators also look to place the bait boxes in hidden and blocked corner areas where pets and children do not tend to travel.

Rodents usually travel around wall corners. We install dual-entry bait stations to encourage rodent activity. This bait for mice and rats is very palatable, fast-acting, and a cheap extermination method for mice and rats in comparison to trapping. We are one of the most effective and most affordable rodent extermination companies in Kansas City.

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