How do you treat for bed bugs? Gunter’s bed bug expert will begin by inspecting to make sure all pre-steps have been taken to prepare the property before treatment. Our exterminators will then begin rolling in our bed bug electric heat treatment machines and high-velocity fans.

Once everything is in place, the technician will increase the temperature of the infested room or area to levels that are lethal to Bed Bugs; all stages die instantly at 122 degrees (eggs, larvae, and adults). In other words, the heat kills bed bugs. In order to assure that every crack and crevice reaches lethal temperature, our heaters generate 135 degrees Fahrenheit and we hold the temperature for a minimum of half an hour.

Our pest control company administers the heat using high-velocity fans which are focused on crucial spots where bed bugs live. This eliminates bed bug infestations in all areas of the structure and its contents.

Electric heat treatments are the most effective bed bug treatments. A distinct advantage of heat is that, unlike chemical treatments, heat can penetrate cracks and crevices and inaccessible areas where bed bugs reside. Wireless transmitters feed a remote monitoring station to assure every area involved in the treatment reaches lethal temperatures.

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