The spring of 2021 may be the time you and your family can have some fun outdoors. The weather is not too cold and not too hot. Staycations are becoming more popular. Let Gunter Pest & Lawn help you prepare for outdoor activities to do during the spring.

Before heading out it is important that you make sure everyone is going to have an enjoyable time doing whatever activities you have chosen to do. Make sure you have sunscreen, a clean hand towel, drinking water, and hand sanitizer amongst others basic “tools” that you should always carry with you.

What About Bugs?

But what about bugs? Mosquitoes and other pests make your lawn an uncomfortable place. Call Gunter Pest & Lawn for your pest control needs. This includes indoor and outdoor services. We also provide seamless lawn care services in Kansas City. If you are looking for preventive measures, have a less urgent pest situation, or if you have pests like fleas, a residential service plan is a way to keep unwanted pests and rodents away from your family, and your home or garden.

Here are six outdoor activities that will brighten up your spring.

Hiking In The Woods.

Hiking In The Woods

Find a trail near your home that may be closed in the winter. If it opens in the spring, it will be full of new growth and beautiful colors; if you can find a trail that takes you to a great lookout point, that’s even better.

Springtime in the wilderness usually means the waterfalls are full, and the wildflowers are blooming. It’s also an excellent way to get yourself back in shape if you happened to gain weight during the winter.

Backyard Games

Finding fun, outdoor activities in your backyard is sometimes called a staycation. It means you stay at home, but do something different. You can put up a tent and sleep outdoors or just sleep under the stars. Consider a campfire and roasting marshmallows or invite friends for a barbecue.

Checkout Our Lawn Care Services To Make Sure Your Yard Is Ready

If hordes of mosquitos have driven you indoors, consider our mosquito services or if you are in the south consider our friends for Atlanta monthly mosquito treatment. There are several ways to get rid of pests such as wasps, cockroaches, and ticks, but having the perimeter of your yard sprayed every month is one of the most effective for removing these pests.

When your backyard is habitable for humans again, you can play many active games that are fun for all ages. Here are a few suggestions:

  • DIY mini-golf with cups and homemade flags. You can create sandpits, rocky terrain, and water hazards.
  • Find a checked table cloth and play checkers on the grass or patio.
  • Arrange a ring toss with glass soda bottles.
  • Horseshoes.

Whether you have a large or small yard, some activities will get you outdoors in the spring without traveling or much expense.

Mountain biking

Try Fat Biking

Fat biking refers to the larger than usual tires that are suitable for riding in muddy places, snow, and sand. They are ideal for mountain biking trails, pedestrian walkways, and are especially fun in the spring when the ground is soft and there may be a little snow in the hills.


Stand up paddle boarding gives you a good workout while being extremely fun. You can also straddle the surfboard and paddle around if you don’t balance well standing up.

You will need a lake or a slow-moving river. Some people paddleboard in the ocean, but this requires expertise. You can paddle to the middle of a lake and get a fantastic view of the surroundings. Make sure to wear a life jacket.

Kite Flying

You will need some wide-open spaces for this activity, but it’s a great feeling to get a kite up in the air. It also gives you a chance to run around getting much-needed exercise. Some tips to make it easier:

  • Get the right kite. Delta kites are good ones. Avoid the beautiful 3D kites as they are tough to get up.
  • Choose a windy day, but not a storm-level wind. And do not fly a kite during a thunderstorm.
  • If you are near a beach, that’s a great place to fly a kite.
  • If you launch it right against the wind, you may not need to run to get it up.

Watch The Night Sky

Watch The Night Sky

Every season has its constellations that are visible just after the sunset. You can get a book, The Stars by H. A. Rey is a good one, and identify the prominent constellations that mean spring has arrived.

Of course, you will need several clear nights for this, but once you learn, it’s something you won’t forget. You will need to turn off the nearby lights and get a powerful flashlight. Use some red nail polish to paint the lens, and you will have a red light to check the book and find the stars without making your eyes adjust every time.

This is a fun activity for every season as the night sky changes a bit every day, and new stars appear on the horizon to herald the next season. It could even inspire some future astronomers.

Spring outdoor activities are so welcome after a dreary winter. This list suggests some ways for you and your family to get some exercise while having fun.

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