March is Women’s History Month, but we’re also celebrating International Women’s Day. We treat thousands of commercial businesses for pest control all over the Kansas City Metro area, but this month we want to highlight a few of our favorite women-owned business clients!

We’d like to encourage you to support these businesses this month (and every month of course). They work so hard to run the businesses we love, and we’d be lost without them! Let’s work together to show some love.

  • Waldo Thai Place: Executive Chef, Pam Liberda was born in Lampang, Northern Thailand. She acquired her skills by watching and cooking homey dishes alongside her mother. With her husband Teddy’s help and support, Pam is ready to run the show, preparing her own authentic, homey, delicious Thai food. Pam has helped her husband Teddy open eight restaurants. This bio was gathered from Waldo Thai’s website.
  • Gigi’s Vegan Cafe: Run by Gigi Jones with the help of her family (her son is often at the restaurant with her), the cafe serves a full vegan menu, fresh cold-pressed juices, and three different flavors of kale chips. Jones is one of several Black entrepreneurs to open a vegan restaurant or catering business in KC in the last couple of years. Last November, she started Midwest Soul VegFest, a vegan food festival focused on the Black community. More than 3,000 people attended. This bio was gathered from the business’ website and thepitch.com.
  • Foos Fabulous Frozen Custard: A Brookside, Kansas City staple, Foos opened in 1988. Original owner Joe Bremser’s sister Betty Bremser bought the business from him in 1996 and she’s been serving classic custard, ice cream, and more for over 26 years. A French teacher at Kansas City Academy, she often gives her students their first jobs at Foo’s, and this Kansas City classic is sure to keep on moving for years to come.
  • Clothz Minded: Owned by Nicole Ortega, a mother of three with over 18 years of retail experience which includes sales, buying, management, and styling. She believes in quality over quantity and encourages everyone to find their personal style. Clothz Minded is a Sustainable Collection boutique in Westport. Nicole opened Clothz Minded in August of 2010 with the vision of providing a boutique atmosphere for stylish yet budget-conscious shoppers.
  • Aspen Salon and Spa (multiple locations): Co-owned by Tammy Muzrall and Emily Smith with five locations in North Oak, North Kansas City, Shoal Creek, Corporate Woods, and Overland Park. The Salon and Spa locations specialize in Hair, Skin, Body, and Nail treatments across the Kansas City metro area.
  • Hair Salon: Hair has been in this exact spot since 1975 in Westport and still going strong. Nine female stylists run the show!
  • Cafe Corazon: A family-owned and family-operated establishment by Miel Castagna-Herrera, Curtis Herrera, & Dulcinea Herrera. The cafe was largely inspired by Miel’s father Alberto José Castagna, who grew up in the heart of Buenos Aires and emigrated to the U.S. when he was 16. They’re a one-of-a-kind coffee house, specializing in classic and specialty Latinx coffee and espresso drinks. Café Corazón is the premier cafe in the midwest serving traditional Yerba Mate tea. The bio was gathered from their website.

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