If you haven’t yet heard the good news, Gunter Pest & Lawn made Kansas City Business Journal’s Top 100 Family-Owned Businesses in Kansas City! We’ve been around since 1950 when our current president Noah Gunter Besheer’s great-grandfather Reggie Gunter started the business. We’re a 4th generation Kansas City pest control company, and we want to recognize other family-owned small businesses in our community who work hard every day to bring us products, food, and drinks that we love! We’re highlighting eight of our amazing clients below, and we’d love to encourage you to shop at small businesses in Kansas City this holiday season!

Where To Eat In Kansas City This Holiday Season

Holiday food in Kansas City.

Buck Tui BBQ In Overland Park

Husband and wife duo Ted and Pam Liberda were the brains and power behind the delicious Waldo Thai – also a Gunter Pest client. Ted grew up eating his mother’s home-cooked Isaan Thai classics at Thai Diner, her restaurant in Lawrence. The couple – both co-executive chefs of the restaurant – mix tradition, culture, and a unique spin on BBQ.

McLain’s Bakery

What all started as a small iconic bakery in Waldo in 1945 has now branched into multiple bakery locations Shawnee, Overland Park, Lawrence, and the bread and butter in Waldo. The McLain family built a legacy in Kansas City for 60 years and was known for their famous Cup Cookies. In 2013, the Hirleman family jumped at the opportunity to acquire the family business, and plan to keep it as a family business for hopefully many more years to come.

Tasso’s In Waldo

A family-owned and operated Greek Restaurant in Kansas City since 1976, Tasso and Katrina Kalliris opened the restaurant a little over a decade after moving to Kansas City from Greece. What started as a tiny bar selling gyros in Brookside, KC eventually grew into a larger restaurant location in Waldo where restaurant goers are entertained with plate breaking, belly dancing, and authentic Greek food. Son John manages the restaurant with the original owner Tasso today. We had our employee holiday party there this past weekend and had a great time!

Foo’s Frozen Custard In Brookside

Started by Joe Bremser in 1988 who got his nickname “Foo” from his dad. In 1996, Joe and his family moved to North Carolina and he sold the store to his sister Liz, keeping the custard shop in the family and operating ever since! Teens and college students have hailed Foos as a refuge and a steady summer job, and it stands as Kansas City’s OG frozen custard spot!

Martin City Brewing Company

What started as a small family-owned brewpub in 2013, grew into four pizza & taproom locations in Lee’s Summit, Mission Farms, and Lenexa, and the Coast to Coast Pub at its original location in Martin City.

We’ve hosted our employee holiday party at the Coast to Coast Pub and Martin City Brewery multiple times over the years, and the food is delicious!

Los Alamos Cocina

This is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Kansas City, an authentic staple for Mexican cuisine since 2002. Los Alamos, founded by owner Agustin “Gus” Juarez, has been located in Kansas City’s Westside neighborhood since it first opened, and is about as “family owned and operated” as it gets! Gus’ son and daughter and wife Blanca all work here too, and various family members have joined in on the family operation over the years. Gus’ son Benito plans to take over as the 2nd generation owner one day.

Where To Drink In Kansas City This Holiday Season

Two sisters drinking coffee in Kansas City.

King G And Jim’s Alley Bar

Owner Eric Flanagan owns both bars, and he named Jim’s after his late maternal grandfather, Jim Pagliocco, “A veteran of World War II. Working class, family man, the rock of our family. Always there, very steady”, Flanagan said. I just thought this bar would speak to people that have people like that in their lives. Or if they are that person. Jim’s Alley Bar is a neighborhood bar in the Crossroads that doesn’t even have a sign – you may miss it walking by, but that’s kind of the point! It makes you feel nostalgic and very homey.

Crow’s Coffee

This neighborhood coffee shop has experienced steady, healthy growth over the years with three Kansas City coffee shop locations in Waldo, South Plaza, and Red Bridge. Zach Moores opened the first location near UMKC after leaving his old career as an insurance adjuster. We love supporting their Waldo coffee shop just a few blocks from our office!

Mean Mule Distilling Co And Bar

The family-owned business started in 1920 when the prohibition began and owner Jeff’s great-great grandma and her son built a still to make moonshine and found a hiding place to keep the booze a secret. Jeff’s great-grandpa Fritz drove from mid-Missouri to Saint Louis where he sold the hooch for cash. Years later, Jeff Evans and his wife Meg decided to leave their careers as a teacher and mechanical engineers and follow in their family’s footsteps to breathe life back into their history as Kansas City distillers.

Uniquely and very rare in this industry, Jeff built their still by hand – all of the piping, everything. Meg’s brother Tyler moved his family from Arizona to join the team as a fifth-generation brewer, and Meg’s mom also joined the crew. A few years ago, you’d catch Meg and Jeff’s whole family bottling Agave spirits in the distilling room as one family unit.

Where To Shop For Gifts In Kansas City This Holiday Season

Happy couple shopping for Christmas in Kansas City, Missouri.

A Thyme For Everything

The cutest local kitchen goods store with a vision to continue Jet Green’s legacy to be the premier shopping destination for gourmet products of distinction and cooking classes in Lee’s Summit!

MADI Apparel

As local as shopping gets, 4th generation Kansas City native Hayley Besheer Santell founded MADI Apparel in 2013 after learning that underwear is the most needed and under-donated item of clothing in organizations serving women and youth all over the world. She decided to form a business that would help fulfill that need and make a difference in every other way, too. For every item you buy, a pair of underwear is donated to requesting non-profits all over the world.

Their everyday basics like loungewear, pajamas, underwear and travel bag products are made from sustainable fabrics and materials like plastic-free vegan leather, bamboo, and organic cotton. All products are Made in KC, and sewers are paid a living wage, making the company part of 3% of the world’s fashion brands to pay a living wage. When you shop at this local Kansas City small business, your dollars stay with the local economy. Santell’s mom Pam Besheer and husband Danny both work and volunteer time at the company, too. The company has a shop in the Kansas City Westside and online, too.


The historic and iconic Kansas City liquor store carries wine, beer, and even non-alcoholic drinks and mixers. With four liquor store locations in Midtown, Parkville, State Line Road, and Kansas City Kansas, the brand has successfully been a go-to spot since 1969 when Ed “Gomer” Moody opened the first Gomers at 99th & Holmes.

Three Bees Coffee, Pottery And Tamales

This one was tough to categorize, as it hits multiple :). But, you’ll have fun shopping their quirky and unique variety of local gifts at this spot. Their cafe serves Mexican favorites like Horchata, tamales, birria burritos, and more. You can shop for beautiful pottery imported from Mexico and other imported gifts. It’s very cozy in here!

We hope you can find time to shop at one of these small businesses In Kansas City this holiday season. And if you need pest control services please speak with a live Gunter Pest & Lawn representative today about our Pest Control Services by calling 816-444-2847 or using our contact form and we will help you with your residential or commercial pest control needs.

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