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Let’s Get Your Ant FAQs Answered

The Ant! I don’t know about you, but we’ve been seeing a lot of them in and around the house lately. So, we thought you might like to know a little more about these pesky pests. Here’s our Ant Rant. Ant FAQs answered!



Where do ants live?

Basically – everywhere. Ants can be found on nearly every continent in the world and can survive almost anywhere! Here in the Kansas City area, we have ants that typically build their colonies underground, serving their queen.  A colony refers not only to their habitat but also to their community. Ants are quite social and live to protect their queen as well. When you’re looking for the colony near your house, searching for where the ants could be, look for an ant hill.

What types of ants are native to the Midwest?

Here in the Midwest, you’ll find Odorous House Ants, Pharaoh Ants, Acrobat Ants, Pavement Ants, Carpenter Ants, Field Ants, and Large Yellow Ants.

Can ants cause damage to my home?

Yes, certain ants can cause damage to your home. Carpenter ants are a prime example of an invasive ant species. Similar to termites, they begin to eat the structure of your home to create a nest in which they can build their colony. And, like ants that build mounds, these guys push out any debris that could be blocking their way rather than eating it, so if you see fine sawdust, you may have Carpenter ants.

Do ants carry diseases?

There is no significant risk of ant-transferred disease in the US. Though some ants, like the pharaoh ant, can transfer various organisms such as salmonella and staph. It is important to throw away any food that the ants may have inhabited or touched. Some ants sting or bite, but, though it’s painful, ants don’t transmit any sort of disease.

How many species of ants are there?

There are 12,000 different species of ants in the world!

How do you get rid of ants?


Treatment depends on the type of ant you have. For the common pesky “sweet ants,” including pavement, pharaoh, odorless house ants, and acrobat ants the best treatment is to eliminate the chemical trail they’ve created to attract the rest of the ants to the food source. This is a common service we do when we when we come out to homes. We erase the pheromones, so ants have a harder time finding the food source.  We also will put out bait that acts as a food source. Ants are highly attracted to the bait, eat it and die.

Why do ants come into my house?

Different things attract different ants. Moisture within your walls or void spaces attract ants who like to live inside as well as carpenter ants. Food is obviously another item that is inviting to these pests!


How can ants get inside?

Ants can get through most cracks and crevices. PRO TIP — use caulk to seal up any visible holes you can find. It is also important to make sure there is no space in between the windows and the walls. Do your best to eliminate anything that is damp or moist in your house.

What types of ants bite, do we have any in our area?

Here in Missouri/ Kansas, we are fortunate to avoid stinging and biting ants! Crazy ants and Fire ants are native to southern parts of the United States.

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A special thanks to Mizzou’s Richard M. Houseman, State entomology extension Specialist, for helpful information!




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