If you’ve ever visited the Etsy website, you probably saw a bunch of DIY handcrafted items for sale. From handmade soaps and candles and golden jewelry to epoxy furniture, DIY has become a global phenomenon that you can take advantage of while stuck in your house or just because. Don’t forget to make sure your home is pest-free so you know you are doing your projects in a safe place.

The interest in DIY activities has become so huge that the revenue for DIY tools is expected to hit $13.9 billion in 2021. Social media pages are filled with images of handcrafted items, and while DIYers are looking to earn some money, there’s the other side of the coin—it’s a fun activity, especially for millennials.

The variety of DIY activities allows anyone to start doing it. And whatever’s made along the process doesn’t have to be sold—you can simply enjoy its beauty. There’s a project for every budget. It can be something small, like making soaps from soap remains, to building a treehouse. Even better, anyone can take part in it, even whole families.

DIY project ideas for the whole family

DIY Indoor Project Ideas

DIY doesn’t need to be a massive project with tools strewn all over the yard and a lot of stuff to clean up after the project is done. Here are just a few of the indoor DIY projects for men and women to try:

  • Ice Beer TraysIce beer trays are super fun to make and perfect for games and guests.
  • PC Building – PC building takes a bigger budget, but for those who like spending their time playing video games, this is a great DIY activity.
  • Decoupage – This technique can be applied to a variety of objects, from decorative glasses to bigger furniture pieces. If done correctly, it will lift an interior up and rejuvenate the items.
  • Jewelry Making – DIY jewelry can be beautiful and unique. It might be costly, depending on the tools and materials used, but the result is worth it.

DIY Outdoor Project Ideas

Outdoor DIY will get you moving and soaking up some sun. Just make sure your lawn is taken care of and your family is protected from bugs. Here are some activities that can occupy a family for days:

  • Making Bird Feeders – There’s a variety of tools and resources that bird feeders can be made with. In fact, many of them can be created from recycled materials.
  • Turning Wine Bottles Into Gardens – Beautiful for succulents, both indoor and outdoor decoration, carefully crafted wine bottles will last for a long time.
  • Adding Fountains To The Yard – Sometimes there’s nothing better than to relax near the sound of water. There are many DIY fountain tutorials online to help with this project.
  • Creating An Outdoor Gym – Outside is the best place to exercise, and with a big enough backyard, a basic outdoor gym can get the whole family into shape real quick.

Outside DIY projects can be for an event or for fun


Depending on the tools you have and your budget, desires, and capabilities, you can enjoy DIY crafts during every season. Even winter can bring something magical to your desk and spark your imagination. DIY will make your move, think, use your hands, and be more creative. Even better, you’ll be able to include your family. Who knows, you could become so skilled with DIY that you might end up earning some money. Don’t forget to make sure your home and lawn have been treated for pests, such as mosquitoes, ants, and more.

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