We all love being in a place where bugs don’t bother us, but sometimes that can be impossible since bugs are all over. Bugs need food, water, and shelter like we all do, and so it’s tough to eliminate them from our houses. Mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, flies are an example of bugs that we all try to keep away from our houses. This is pest control 101 for people in the Kansas City area.

Sometimes some bugs can show up during a specific time of the year in large numbers which can be problematic. Let’s discuss some of how we can be bug-free.

Store Trash Appropriately

Trash can attract bugs such as cockroaches and other pests in search of food. To prevent these bugs from feasting on the trash, you need to find better ways to store and handle your trash.

The trash can should have a lid and must be emptied every night. If you have an exterior trash bin, ensure that it has a self-closing lid and a tight seal to keep bugs out. If any spills occur, wash your trash bins immediately after emptying them, as ants may invade them.

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Store Trash Appropriately

Keep Your House Clean And Clutter-Free

You may bug-proof your house completely but still find bugs in the house. They always get in the house, especially if there are unprotected food or water sources. Store your food in airtight containers and water-covered to prevent the bugs such as flies from feasting on the food or mosquitos from finding a breeding place.

If your home is cluttered, you will never miss bugs. Insects love dark spaces for breeding; therefore, always keep clutter to a minimum and keep them from infesting your home. If you have pets, ensure that their feeding bowls are always clean by putting the pet food away after mealtimes.

How To Prevent An Ant Infestation

Seal The Cracks And Openings

Your windows and doors may have cracks that allow for bugs in your house. If there are any cracks, seal them up or call a professional to repair the openings.

You can also add weather stripping around the doors to keep out the pests. Openings and little cracks act as wide-open doors for pesky bugs. We have seen this problem with our Blue Springs, Missouri pest control.

Regular Cleaning And Sweeping

A clean house will help keep the bugs away, especially in the kitchen where food is prepared. Ensure that the floors and cupboards are always clean. Vacuum regularly because spills may attract bugs. The kitchen sink and bathroom drains should also be kept clean as drain flies may make your pipes their home and always fly out searching for food.

You can use a drain cleaner regularly to keep the pests from becoming a menace. Avoid piling up your magazines and newspapers in boxes because cockroaches will permanently hide in them.

Kill The Visible Bugs

To avoid having large swarms of bugs in the house, you can control them as soon as possible. You can use aerosols, baits, coils, and other products to kill them.

Other companies sell products that can be used around kids safely, for instance, essential oils. Although you may not eliminate all bugs by killing them when you see them, you will reduce them significantly.

Doors And Windows

Doors and windows are among the most overlooked areas in the house that may cause flying and crawling bugs. Check to ensure that all your doors close all the way and if not, contact a professional to do that right away.

Sealed doors and windows can help keep bugs out. Ensure that your windows also close as they may allow flying insects to get in.

Doors And Windows.

Practice Mosquito Management

During nights, mosquitos can make you lose sleep easily because of their bugging sound and bites. Mosquitos are also very dangerous and can cause malaria or Zika. Since they are so tiny, you may not see them until they bite you.

To get rid of mosquitoes, pest control management specialists advise getting rid of any standing water around your home. Mosquitoes love moist environments like standing water; therefore, make sure there is none around the home. Since mosquitoes hate garlic, you can also place the cloves around the house to keep them away.

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If you practice mosquito management, but the problem persists, you can contact professionals to help you solve the problem. For example, residents of Texas may need to hire professionals that handle mosquito control in Houston, Texas to combat the humid environments that bugs thrive in. Or course right here in Kansas City please call Gunter Pest & Lawn for your Kansas City mosquito control.

Final Thoughts

Bugs can be very annoying, especially when we cannot eliminate them. However, there are some little things that you can do around your house, such as cleaning, vacuuming, getting rid of standing water, sealing openings and cracks, to help you with the problem.

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