Today we are going to discuss some DIY Tips For Keeping Ants Out of your house in the Kansas City area.

Ants are one of the most popular pests in Kansas City and they’re most present in the summer and spring. It’s starting to heat up around here, and we’re getting many calls about ants! We interviewed our on-staff entomologist to ask for do-it-yourself tips on how to keep ants out of your Kansas City home.

Follow These DIY Tips For Keeping Ants Out

1. Keep Kitchen And Outdoor Eating Areas Spotless

2. Keep Four Inches Of Foundation Showing

You always want to be able to see your foundation so you can spot termite and ant colonies as they build. 

3. Lay Rock Over Mulch

Rock makes it more difficult for ant colonies to survive.

4. Move Those Winter Wood Piles Away From The House

5. Houses With Decorative Clover And Ivy May Need To Consider Preventative Pest Control

These create ideal conditions for ants. Their concave leaves give them a water source year-round, and the ground cover creates a harborage for the ants to hide from larger predators like bigger insects, snakes, etc.

So, if you have clover and ivy, you may want to stay on a preventative pest plan for ongoing granular insecticide and regular inspections

6. Keep Branches Trimmed

Branches that overhang the roof line give access to access to 2nd story bedrooms and rooms. Make sure you keep them trimmed back as they start blooming and growing in the spring.

7. Keep Gutters Cleaned

Organic decaying material in gutters means water, protein and harborage for ants. Make sure to clean your gutters out regularly to keep ants out.

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