From the moment spring arrives, we like to spend our weekend mornings drinking coffee in the yard and enjoying the smell of newly blossoming flowers, fresh grass, and joyful bird chatter. However, there is something that sort of bothered us for some time. But, before we talk about it, maybe it is significant to say that we are not what you’d call ardent gardeners! We do, of course, water our turf and all! But unlike some of our neighbors, we are not the type of people who spend each weekend gardening. But then again, we found ourselves somehow envious of the house with a beautiful green lawn.

House With A Beautiful Green Lawn

We are going through challenging times, and we sure don’t want to spend little leisure time gardening, but we started thinking – “Could there be ways to have a wonderfully green lawn without so much effort”?! We conducted a little research, and we have to say, we were astonished to find out that green lawn care is way simpler than we thought. Looking at our neighbors, we were under the impression that green lawn maintenance is an entire science. The research and discussion with professionals showed us that by doing things regularly and at the right time, we are guaranteed to have a perfectly green carpet.

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Tips For Maintaining A Green Lawn

Water The Lawn

If you live in an area where it frequently rains, like Kansas City, for example, you will probably rely on nature to provide your lawn with a sufficient amount of water. However, if you live somewhere dry, you have to install an irrigation system to ensure that the turf gets enough water.

For people living in places with a moderate climate, it is essential to know that to thrive, grass needs about an inch to inch and a half of water per week. Whether you are going to install an irrigation system or water it with a hose is irrelevant as long as you make sure to provide this amount of water. It is necessary to avoid overwatering the lawn, as much as it is to avoid underwatering it.

Get Rid Of Thatch

Talking about how to get a green lawn, we have to mention the process of dethatching. In case you never heard about it before, thatch is the organic mixture of dead and living plant matter, accumulated at the base of the grass. When it is about half of an inch thick, this layer doesn’t pose a problem. On the contrary, it can even be beneficial because it helps the soil retain water and it regulates its temperature.

However, when it becomes too thick, it starts to prevent roots from getting water, air, and nutrients. Because of this, grass can become more susceptible to insect infestation and linked diseases. To prevent it we need to make sure to detach the lawn when we notice the layer became too thick.

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Trim The Grass

Imagine what your hair would be like if you didn’t go to a hairstylist regularly! Well, the same happens to your lawn if you don’t mow it. On average, it is advised that you trim the lawn at least once a week in summer and once in two weeks in spring and fall. In case winters are warm or mild in your place, make sure to mow it once in two weeks during this season as well.

Remove The Weeds

Weeds are incredibly resistant and invasive plants. They are usually ugly, but it is not the only reason why you should stop their growth in roots. It is necessary to get rid of weeds as regularly as possible because they are so aggressive that they destroy the surrounding environment. The best way to remove the weeds from your lawn and garden is to get the best weed eater.

Tips For Maintaining A Green Lawn

Add Fertilizer

In time soil starts to lose nutrients that the lawn needs to grow. For this reason, green lawn fertilizing is as essential as is fertilizing the vegetable garden. The nutrients from the product will enable the lawn to grow properly and stay healthy. If you don’t want to use chemicals, you will be happy to know that there are lots of fertilizers that guarantee organic green lawn care.

Lawn Aeration

If you want to make sure to have a healthy green grass lawn, you should aerate it. This is something that you don’t have to do too often – once in a couple of years should be perfectly enough. The process will break down the soil and allow the water and air to reach the roots. Usually, the companies that provide lawn care services offer the possibility of renting the machine for aeration.


Many of us rake the grass clippings after mowing. But here’s a thought! If you leave them in place, they serve as the mulch. They provide nitrogen that will contribute to moisture control. Also, leaving grass clippings will attract earthworms who love to eat grass. We are sure that you are not too excited by the idea of having earthworms around, but don’t forget they are exceptionally beneficial for the soil.

Final Take

It may seem there are many things to do for adequate green lawn care. So you may wonder how it is possible to achieve all this without working on the lawn day in and day out. Well, the crucial thing to understand is that mowing and watering aside, most of these things are done only when there is a need to do them.

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