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We have something fun in store for your Kansas City kids. Printable Coloring Book Pages for Kids!


Looking for a rainy day activity or just gearing up for after school fun? We made a few printable coloring book pages — perfect for a craft day at home or for an elementary school teacher activity! These coloring book pages can be fun for the kids or the whole family on a rainy day. They also can be used to teach you children about pests in a fun way. If you have any ideas for future coloring pages of fun activities for the kiddos, be sure to let us know.

Be sure to post images of the finished colored page on our Facebook Page so we can show off your kids skills to everyone. Don’t worry adults can do it too! 😀

Ants Stealing Pizza From Your Picnic

Take a look at one of these Printable Coloring Book Pages for Kids that Gunter Pest & Lawn has made

Catching Lightning Bugs – Retro Look

These Printable Coloring Book Pages for Kids really shine when it's lightning bugs.

Cut Out Pics Of A Butterfly, Bee, and Flowers

Bug Cutouts for your kids to print out and color from the Gunter Pest & Lawn Kids Corner.


A Lady Bug and Caterpillar On Plants

Ladybug and Caterpillar printable coloring page for kids.

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