Having pests in the properties you own in Kansas City such as bed bugs, rodents, or any other insect infestation can pose a real health risk to your residents. Any of these problems can also bring down the property value, hurting your investment. That is why our Kansas City pest control for apartment buildings is so important.

Good property managers will want to combat possible pest issues. This can be done by reducing the potential of pests entering your building. Gunter Pest & Lawn will help you keep your properties pest free through our various pest prevention techniques. We will work with you to develop a Kansas City apartment pest control program that is unique to the properties that you own. This will make sure that your pest prevention program is cost-effective and that you have a personal account manager.

Keep Your Tenants Satisfied

Being a property manager you know that you already have a lot to juggle. The main thing you want to do is to keep your tenants satisfied and keep your properties in top-notch shape. Chances are you have several projects going on at once every single day. There could be plumbing issues, broken air conditioners, landscaping, and you must give tours of your units to prospective tenants, to name a few.

If any of those possible new tenants or a current tenant sees just one rodent or cockroach, you can have an entire building full of angry tenants in no time. You probably won’t be renting any of your apartments to those prospective tenants. If this happens you will probably have to drop all of your other projects and deal with the pest issue that has reared its ugly head.

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Pest Control For Property Managers In Apartment Buildings Is Important

Apartment Pest Control

Having a regularly scheduled property pest control program for multi-family homes, and commercial spaces usually means a happier property manager. You will have fewer dropped projects, overall better efficiency, and most important you will have happy tenants. Let’s not forget that you could rent more apartments and faster too.

You can achieve these things in several ways and here is how:

Stay Consistent

A Gunter Pest & Lawn commercial pest control plan comes with regular inspections that help identify signs of pests and pest activity. Sometimes your tenants or your staff might not notice the same things our trained exterminators notice. Our pest control technicians are trained and certified. This helps them identify specific pests that pose a threat to your location.

They are also trained to recognize, treat, and then monitor pest infestations for results. Our unique program for your property helps enable our pest experts to become familiar with your properties. Helping them to treat your specific property by knowing your particular concerns and goals.

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Pest Prevention

At Gunter Pest & Lawn we do more than just treat your current pest problems, we also focus on the long term bug control of your apartments. A regularly scheduled commercial pest control program will help spot conditions that are conducive to pests activity or issues that attract pests. We take a proactive approach focused on preventing pest problems before they start. This is better for everyone involved, including happy tenants.

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Take Action

Pest Control For Apartments And Property Management Companies

Pest infestations can start before you or any of your tenants even notice them and can grow very quickly. A lot of times your tenants and staff won’t know what type of pest they are seeing. Studies show that there may be hundreds of pests in cracks and crevices before your tenants report any pest sightings. By giving your property regular attention through our commercial pest control plan our professionals are great at acting quickly to treat pest infestations and stop the problem before it becomes a problem.

Free Up Your Time

If you are responding to pest complaints and taking care of pest problems all day your staff’s time and your time can quickly be taken from other pressing issues. Our pest control program for property management companies includes regular visits. These visits can help free up you and your staff’s time.

This will allow you to focus on more important things around the building. We know that you are busy with many things at one time. We can at least take one of those things off of your hands.

Helps Build A Good Relationship With Your Tenants

If your tenants see that your property is receiving regular visits from a commercial pest control partner, it will show them that you take their health and safety seriously. Every tenant wants to know that their property manager or the property management company takes their well-being seriously. Having our pest exterminators around on a regular basis gives your current and prospective tenants reassurance that you care about them and you’re addressing any and all pest issues.

Change With The Seasons

Pest problems change with the season, which is why consistent visits from Gunter Pest & Lawn will help protect your properties, and ultimately your tenants, from pests all year.

Learn From The Pest Professionals

Learn From The Pest Professionals

When a commercial pest control partner, such as ourselves, frequently visits your property you get opportunities to learn about pest threats and their habits. You and your staff can learn steps that can be taken to correct the conditions we spoke about above.

Things such as the conditions that make it easy for pests to gain access to your property, live, and breed. Once you know the steps to take you can start to help in the prevention of pest and rodent infestations.

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Remember that Gunter is a full-service pest control company. We offer general pest control that also takes care of bed bugs in the commercial and residential environment. We also offer rodent control, termite control, termite inspections, mosquito control, and integrated pest management services in the Kansas City area.