Having a large office building makes it difficult to keep a clean and pest-free environment. Gunter Pest & Lawn offers a dedicated pest control program for commercial office buildings that you won’t find anywhere else in Kansas City. We even have programs available to owners of companies with multiple locations

Our office building pest control plans are custom-made to protect your property year-round. We work closely with your maintenance department in order to provide a safe, effective, and comprehensive pest management program for your office building.

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Difficulties We See With Office Buildings Pest Control

Because of the large volume of people going in and out each day, it can make office buildings difficult to handle when it comes to pest control. Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out where the pests are coming from because of the size of the building and the general nature of how office buildings run.

One issue we face with office building pest control is dealing with so many people coming in and out. The pest problem could be brought in by a certain person or group of people, which is something you need to take into account.

Since so many people who work in office buildings don’t clean their workspace, pests find them very appealing. One of the most common lures for pests in offices is leftover food. Once an insect or rodent finds crumbs or an old Tupperware container with last week’s chili at someone’s desk, it’s game over. Once pests find a food source, they will multiply quickly turning a small pest annoyance to an all-out infestation.

Some offices will pay for cleaning services to come and tidy up, although you can’t rely completely on these services. They’re usually not permitted to look in the office fridge or people’s desk drawers, which are the most common places that food is kept. Also, not all offices provide these services and once a pest infestation starts in one part of the building, it doesn’t take long for it to spread to other parts. It’s important to always be on the lookout for signs of a pest infestation and not wait until the last minute to do something about it.

Difficulties we see with office buildings pest control.

The Top Pests That Are Found In Offices

You will find a large variety of insects, some birds (we don’t provide a service for birds), and rodents in office buildings. They find their way inside for food, shelter from extreme weather conditions, and to find water. Every single pest has its own unique characteristics and because of that, they can cause damage to your building in different ways.

Here Are The Most Common Pests:

Rodents – Mice & Rats

Mice and rats are the most common rodents found in office buildings. Rats and mice are agile and very inquisitive which allows them to come up with crafty ways of making their way into your building. These rodents can climb up a rough surface and walk along thin wires, pipes, and other thin surfaces. They also use branches of trees and bushes that grow close to the building to climb up and find weak points to enter.

They are good at squeezing through very small gaps or eating their way around them to make the opening just a little bit bigger. They can do this to soft masonry, wood, plastic, or even concrete.

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Types Of Hazards That Come From Rodents

Not many people realize how harmful a rodent infestation can be. Not only are mice and rats extremely destructive creatures, but they also carry all kinds of harmful diseases. Some of the hazards of a rodent infestation include:

  • Damage to your food, food containers, and food packaging.
  • Contaminate their paths or areas they visit. They do this with their droppings, urine, and other contaminates they pick up along their path.
  • They can cause diseases by contaminating your food and food surfaces. The diseases include Lyme disease, salmonellosis, rat-bite fever, leptospirosis, toxoplasmosis.
  • Rodents have parasites which include lice, mites, ticks, & fleas which can also infest your office building and cause diseases.
  • Cause damage to the office building. This includes wiring and other electrical equipment. They can also damage your sewer system.

Pest Control For Office Buildings

Pest control on a large scale in office buildings or even condos or apartment buildings involves regular inspections, maintenance, as well as, and possibly most important, prevention.

There Are Many Ways That You Can Help With Preventing An Infestation In Your Own Office Building.

  • Seal the cracks and holes around the outside of your building. (This includes pipes for utilities).
  • Properly dispose of garbage on a regular basis. Securely store all garbage cans.
  • Check to make sure your property has the appropriate drainage all-around your foundation.
  • Make sure your gutters are installed correctly and functioning. You need the water to flow away from your building.
  • Maintain all of the office building’s maintenance needs.
  • Ensure that your employees keep their food stored correctly and properly sealed. Make sure they clean up messes.
  • If you have high traffic areas, clean them on a daily basis. This includes kitchens and public eating areas.

With all of these precautions, you might be curious about what pests you should look out for in your office buildings. There are probably more pests than you would think about.

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Call A Commercial Office Building Pest Control Professional

We know that you do your best to provide a quality work environment in your commercial office building. You want to make sure all of your tenants are taken care of and that includes making sure your property is pest-free. Gunter Pest & Lawn provides each of our clients with a positive experience and a strong commitment to protecting your office building. This means helping you to keep your tenants healthy and away from pests.

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Gunter Pest & Lawn provides a unique and comprehensive commercial office building pest management solution that is specific to your building’s needs. Our personalized and specialized pest control for your office building includes rodents, insects, termites, flying bugs such as mosquitos, and lawn care services.

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