Nobody wants to worry about pests when it comes to your business, especially if your warehouse has food in it. In fact, worrying about pests is the last thing that you need to be bothered with. When you start to see common warehouse pests like rodents, ants, and other insects it becomes a major problem, especially if you distribute your products. That is why our Kansas City pest control for warehouses is so critical.

Gunter Pest & Lawn wants to take the worry away from you and that starts with being pest-free. We will develop a pest management program for your warehouse that is customized to your business needs.

Discovering A Warehouse Pest Control Problem

It’s a known fact that pests spread disease that can make your employees sick and create an unsafe workplace. This could actually lead to your business being shut down. It’s important to have Kansas City warehouse exterminators that can take care of your problem.

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The best-case scenario is that no product contamination has taken place, but pests are also bad for employee morale. You can determine the presence of typical residential pests such as rodents or cockroaches if you look for these signs:

Discovering a warehouse pest problem in Kansas City.

  • Musky Odor: If you notice a musty or musky odor in your warehouse you can assume that it is accompanied by a pest infestation. Any unusual odor in a warehouse should be investigated.
  • Chew Marks: Rodents like to shred cardboard, they gnaw on wood, and chew on wiring. Seeing chew marks is a sign that you have rodents in your warehouse. A sign of cockroaches is holes through layers of cardboard or paper.
  • Droppings: Both Cockroaches and rodents are known to leave behind droppings that look like small dark grains. These droppings are bad as they can potentially spread viruses and bacteria. They are a hazard to your products you are shipping out and the health of your workers.
  • Tracks: If you see visible grease tracks, especially in places that it would be hard for a human to fit that is probably a sign of rodents. Another sign of rodents is seeing tracks on or around roof joists, pipes, or vents.

Pest Control Methods For Warehouse Facilities

Preventing Pests Is The Best First Step

Even though prevention is the best first step when it comes to keeping pests out of your warehouse there is no foolproof way to prevent them. If you keep your warehouse up to code and make sure all repairs are done it will help.

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Here are some steps to take:

  • Make sure your roof is sealed, not leaking, your doors close tightly, and make sure your windows are all well sealed.
  • Complete routine air conditioning and plumbing maintenance to prevent leaks. If you prevent leaks it keeps pests from having a water supply that is easily accessible. This will make it harder for them to breed if they do find a way into your warehouse.
  • Keep your facility clean of any spilled foods and make sure your employees keep their food in designated areas. Be sure that trash is removed from the designated areas after every meal.

Other Methods After Prevention

As you know, meeting state and federal regulations is important. Our year-round pest control for warehouses will ensure your facility is always up to code.

  • Crawling Insects: This includes pests that we have discussed such as beetles and cockroaches, but also includes ants and others. We use safe baits residual insecticides that help to eliminate any pest detected.
  • Mice & Rodents: Gunter Pest & Lawn will use safe and humane rodent bait stations to remove these rodents from your facility.
  • Sanitation: We want to go above and beyond for every service provided. Our sanitation service disinfects and returns your warehouse areas to the way they were before your pest invasion.

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Remember that Gunter is a full-service pest control company that also takes care of bed bugs in the commercial and residential environment. We also offer rodent control, termite control, termite inspections, mosquito control, and integrated pest management services in the Kansas City area.