If you can think of any place that a consumer requires the safety and the quality of the product they are purchasing, grocery stores should be top on the list. The food purchased at your local grocery store has a high standard that goes unmatched. All consumers want to feel safe, knowing that the products they purchase at their local grocery store are pest-free and that the supermarket is free of any pest infestation. We will help you with your pest control for grocery stores.

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Grocers hold this responsibility to their customers on their shoulders.

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Gunter Pest & Lawn Will Help You Stop Pests Before They Invade

Gunter Pest & Lawn will help grocery stores and supermarkets with this responsibility by keeping them pest-free. Retail food stores can make this promise to their customer’s when using Gunter Pest & Lawn as their commercial pest control company.

Be sure not to let these pests contaminate your fresh food counters selling bakery products, fresh meat, and dairy products. The droppings that come from pests cause major health issues, they cause your customers to be dissatisfied and lead to your brand being looked at in a negative light.

Over the last 50 years, Gunter Pest & Lawn has made sure hundreds of grocery stores remained pest-free. We are the Kansas City experts in grocery store pest management. Each of our exterminator team members knows how to protect your store and your reputation.

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What Attracts Pests To Grocery Stores & Super Markets

The same things that draw an average consumer to your grocery store are the same things that might attract unwanted pests.

Some Of The Things That Attract Pests To Grocery Stores Include:

  • Premium Meats.
  • Stored Products.
  • Fresh Produce.
  • Fresh Flowers.
  • Deli Items.
  • Sweet Drinks.

It can be difficult to make sure you don’t have pests in your grocery store with all of the food and moisture that is found in abundance in most grocery stores. On top of that, there are large amounts of people going in and out of your store each day making it even harder.

Flies, rodents (such as mice), & cockroaches are just some of the pests found in grocery stores and other places food is sold.

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We know that grocery stores and supermarkets, for the most part, are very large. This means there is a large area to police and this can make pest management sound intimidating to almost anyone. Gunter Pest & Lawn helps you figure out where to start and we do a great job of breaking down each step into manageable tasks.

Some Grocery Store Best Practices To Help Prevent Pests:

Stop pests before they invade.

  • Educate your store staff about all pest activity and what to look for when there are pests in the store. Make sure your employees know who to notify if they think pests might be in your store.
  • Do not store any food on your floor. Make sure food products are on shelves and in display cases.
  • Keep your grass cut and all bushes and trees cut short and away from your building’s walls.
  • Remember to always inspect all deliveries for signs of pests. Lookout for tears or holes in boxes or packages. Of course, be on the lookout for actual pests.
  • Make sure your grocery store has the appropriate screens on pipes and drains. Ensure that the store’s pipes are cleared of food debris.
  • Once you receive a shipment, breakdown and remove all boxes immediately after they’re unloaded. Discard the broken down boxes away from the building.
  • Inspect all pipes and drains in your store for leaks. This includes freezers, dishwashers, refrigerators, and drinking fountains. If a leak is found, have a plumber or the appropriate professional take care of it.
  • Train your employees the correct way to clean and have a regular cleaning schedule. This includes all stations in the grocery store as well as break rooms and other areas that only the staff goes.
  • Be sure that the doors are sealed and have the proper weather stripping. Keep these doors closed as much as you can. Remember to make sure there are no cracks in your foundation or the weather stripping.
  • Never leave out unsealed food, this especially includes fruit.
  • Always completely clean up grease spills in a timely manner.
  • Be sure to check food containers for damage. You don’t want cracks or loose seals as this can cause leaks.
  • Empty your trash on a regular schedule in an outside receptacle away from the building. Keep the trash receptacle covered and locked if possible.
  • In areas such as the deli or bakery, keep all dishes and cooking materials clean and dry.

How Gunter Pest & Lawn Commercial Services Can Help

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how many measures you take. Pests can be very persistent and can still find their way into your grocery store. You should have a professional commercial pest control partner that understands pest control and pest management best practices. These grocery store best practices are why we are the best solution to help you keep pests at bay. We will help you keep your customers happy, help you avoid health violations, help avoid any fines you might receive for having pests, and help you avoid a disruption in operations that you can see sometimes because of pests in your store.

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Gunter Pest & Lawn’s commercial grocery store services understand all of the special requirements when it comes to treating your store. We know all of your industries specific health code violations and how to help you avoid them. Our commercial pest control service will help your store remain pest free forever.

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