Industry experts and professionals showcase the highest standards especially when it comes to pest control. As you already know, your guests have that same high standard. This leaves it up to you to make sure your guests have a safe, pest-free experience at your facility. This includes their lodging experience and their experience in all other parts of your hotel such as your dining rooms, and even the swimming pool area. Remember that hotel pest control experts do exist and we are considered the best in Kansas City.

Just one infestation or even one bug sighting can drive your guests away and sometimes they won’t come back. Even if your property is beautiful and a 5-star facility, having pests once might be enough for them to never come back.

Gunter Pest & Lawn understands all of this. We realize that your facility’s commercial pest control needs are crucial for you to have a thriving hotel. We have a superior technical approach to hotel pest control with over 50 years of expertise. We have a comprehensive pest management program especially for hotels, motels, and the hospitality industry in general.

Our hotel pest management covers hotel rooms, dining rooms, the laundry areas of the hotel, the kitchen, the conference rooms, and all other common areas you might see in a hotel.

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What Are Common Pests Found In Hotels

What Are Common Pests Found In Hotels

When it comes to hotels we see a big number of pests that can cause an infestation. You will oftentimes not only see insects, but rodents such as mice and rats are common too. When you do see an infestation of mice or rats you need to act fast because they can cause major damage to your structure and spread disease throughout your hotel.

Hospitality facilities, which include hotels and motels often see infestations of flies and cockroaches. These particular bugs are attracted to odors from food and trash. A lot of time these infestations start after being brought in on the luggage or the hotel guests themselves. Cockroaches and especially flies can also simply come in through open spaces, such as doors and windows when they are looking for shelter or food.

Bed Bugs Are Also Pests We Often See In The Hospitality Industry

Bed Bugs Are Also Pests We Often See In The Hospitality Industry

Everyone has heard of bed bugs. They are probably the most feared pest by hotel owners and hotel guests alike. There is a good reason they are the most feared. Bed bugs are a parasite that feeds on human blood and they set up their home in the places their hosts frequent. In this situation, their hosts are us or humans and the places they set up their homes are beds.

Hotels and Motels are easy targets for bed bugs because a lot of humans frequent these facilities and there are easy places for them to set up their homes. Most people that go to hotels and motels do it for lodging and sleep overnight.

This is the time bed bugs feed.

Again, the large number of guests that are changing on a daily basis come from many different areas and are one of the main reasons hotels and motels are so susceptible to bed bugs. The guests could easily be carrying the bed bugs in and out with them as they hitchhike on them from one place to another.

Why Our Hotel Pest Control Is So Important

Why Our Hotel Pest Control Is So Important

As we’ve stated before the hospitality industry entertains a huge number of guests each day and it’s up to you to provide a comfortable, clean, and most importantly a pest-free environment. Our hotel pest control service will work proactively to control pests and provide an effective response to each pest activity. We do this with our quick service which is needed in these sensitive environments.

It doesn’t matter if you have fruit flies in your kitchen, bed bugs in the rooms we know that one bug can hurt your reputation. We will quickly and effectively protect your brand, image, and ultimately your customers.

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Not only will we keep your facility pest-free, protect your reputation, but we will also save you money. Gunter Pest & Lawn will help you avoid huge regulatory fines and possible lawsuits from your guests.

Our Approach Includes

Elimination Of Pests – One of the main things we need to do in the beginning is to inspect your facility for signs of an infestation. We then use a combination of traps, baits, and the appropriate repellents that are safe in all areas. This will stop your pest problem.

Provide Consultation – Once we have exterminated your pest problem our pest management technicians will meet with you and the appropriate staff to go over things you can do internally so the pests don’t return. We will give you tips such as keeping your kitchen clean, securing food, and taking care of cracks around the foundation of your hotel.

In Conclusion

As we have stated it only takes one bug or rodent in a bedroom or even in the hotel hallway to severely damage your reputation or even ruin it. Especially in the day of Yelp and other social media websites.

Avoid that from happening and call Gunter Pest & Lawn today so we can help your hotel stay pest-free with our professional pest control services. Protect your brand, your customers and your profit from nasty infestations of insects and rodents.