Local Pest Company Gunter's CEO turns 89!
Fox 4 News Kansas City interview's Gunter CEO Norman Besheer

Mr. Besheer just turned 89 before the New Year, but he's not slowing down in our office! 

Who caught FOX 4 News‘s segment on the journey of our 89-year-old CEO, Norman Besheer?! After practicing law for 16 years, he took over his father-in-law’s pest control company in 1971. His father-in-law started the company in 1950.

He’s a marine, and he’s very involved in many organizations.   “I’m in good health, and to me, this is my second home,” Norman says.

Mr. Besheer just turned 89 before the New Year, but he’s not slowing down in our office.  Although he officially passed Gunter down to his son and current president Jay Besheer in the early 2000s, he’s still very involved as CEO and still shows up to work every day!  Norman handles our checks, taxes, insurance.  “I love to be a leader in my industry, as well as others, that’s kept me young, kept me sharp,” Norman adds.

Melissa Stern FOX4 FOX 4 News covers Norman’s journey that started with his 16 years practicing law and then taking over his father-in-law’s “since 1950” pest company in 1971. Click to watch!

Video on Fox 4 About Norman Besheer of Gunter Pest Control


This is Norman Besheer, The CEO of Gunter Pest Control

Here’s a picture of Mr. Besheer enjoying homemade desserts that Gunter’s resident staff baker aka office employee Holly and ex-employee Marc to celebrate!

Mr. Norman Besheer is the CEO of Gunter Pest Management in Kansas City.

From the Fox4 story: “His son, Jay, who is now president of Gunter Pest, located at 220 W 72nd St. in Kansas City, Missouri, says his dad is definitely one of a kind.

“That’s a rare thing in today’s society for an 89-year-old to be working…in fact, he lives in a retirement community, and he’s the only one that works in the whole community,” says Jay.

Jay says people often comment on the fact that his 89-year-old father still works full time.

“I think it’s a surprise to all of us…we’re taking it as we come, and our original plan was for him to retire at 65…and then 65 came, then 70 came, and then we just kind of stopped talking about it,” adds Jay.”

Our Gunter staff family is very proud of both CEO Norman Besheer and President Jay Gunter Besheer for their strides and dedication to the pest control industry!