Fall in Kansas City is slowly creeping in and so are the fall pests! Today we are going to talk about how to keep rodents out of your home before it gets cold outside.

As the weather starts to drop, mice and rats will start looking for food and shelter – sometimes in your home!

Below are a few expert tips on how to prevent rodents, such as mice and rats, from coming into your home.

But First, We Want To Talk About:

Why Are Mice And Rats Harmful To Your Home And To Your Health?

  1. Their feces and saliva can contaminate and spread bacteria to food sources and countertops and give you allergic reactions
  2. Their dry fecal matter can be harmful if breathed in.
  3. Their urine can appear anywhere and cause foul, unpleasant smells but also carry disease. Rodent urine and droppings can contain a hantavirus stirred up into the air.
  4. Infections from mice and rats can spread through direct contact with infected rodents or through contact with soil, food, or water contaminated by infected mice.
  5. Although they are not typically dangerous, house mice can damage appliances, and furniture, and even cause electrical fires when they gnaw through wires.

Now that you know why it’s important to keep rodents out, here’s some advice from a few of our pest control technicians on how to do it yourself!

Rodent inside a Kansas City house around Christmas.

5 Expert Tips For Keeping Mice Out of the House:

1. Always Check The Seals

Always check the seals where the utilities such as gas, electrical, heating, and cooling enter the house inside and out. Sometimes they look sealed when they’re actually not. This is the most common area rodents come in the home.

2. Look For Light Leaks

Make sure no light peers beneath your door sweep. Focus not only on entry and exit doors but garage doors as well.

3. Patch Up The Smallest Holes In Your Home

A mouse can typically get through a hole the size of a dime or even smaller. If their head gets through, the rest of the body will follow as the skull is the only part that they can’t manipulate. So, don’t underestimate patching the tiniest of holes in your home. The best idea to check for holes is to go into the basement during the day when it’s bright outside but darker inside, and see if any light peaks in anywhere.

4. Keep All Rodent Sources Away From The House

Keep leaves, firewood, compost bins, etc away from the house to prevent rodents from harboring near doorways.

5. Seal Food Canisters And Remove Food Sources

Seal food canisters, grains, bird feed food, etc. The fewer food sources you make available, the less of a chance rodents will have anything inside of your home to snack on!

Do you still need help getting rid of mice in your Kansas City area home? Call or use our contact form at Gunter Pest. Since we’ve been a pest control business since 1950, we’re arguably one of the most experienced rodent treatment companies in Kansas City.

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