Imagine yourself waking up somewhere where calming sounds of breeze, water, and bird song are gently helping you start your day. Sounds amazing, right? The good news is that you don’t have to travel to the other side of the world to have this vibe every day. You can create such a stylish outdoor oasis in your own backyard with just a few changes that will transform your outdoor space into an outdoor haven. Here’s how you can turn your backyard into a safe and stylish place for your family to relax, socialize and entertain guests.

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Plant Flowers

First things first, you can’t have a chic outdoor space without a bunch of natural elements in it, so make sure to start your transformation with flowers and plants. Invest in a few designer containers to place in your outdoor seating area and plant colorful and fragrant flowers. Bright and bold colors will add drama and excitement to your space. On the other hand, if you want to focus on relaxation and peace, try to introduce flowers in colors that are harmonious i.e. that are next to each other on the color wheel.

Go Crazy With Layers

Layer Up Your Lawn

To further boost the style and achieve that designer feel in your backyard, make sure to mix low, midsize, and tall plants. This move is used by professionals all over the world to add depth and to mask parts of the yard that are less presentable (neighbor’s wall, for instance). Planting your greenery in layers starting from low ground covers and mid-size shrubs and finishing with tall trees will help you play with textures, make your yard more visually appealing and create that feeling of natural and rich growth. Even if you neglect your plants and let them grow freely, this layered look will still look great. With plenty of greenery come plenty of pests, so make sure to have a good pest control strategy, especially when it comes to mosquitoes.

Ensure Privacy

If you want to create an oasis of peace and relaxation in your backyard, you need to put special emphasis on privacy. There’s no way you and your guests can relax with the neighbors’ prying eyes all over you! Escape the rest of the world by building a sturdy fence that will provide not only all the privacy you need, but also give you a nice backdrop for your yard design. The most important thing here is finding the right fencing supplier that proves the best fencing products that won’t succumb to elements after one year. Products like Colorbond fencing are great both for security/privacy and aesthetic appeal, so it’s a win-win solution for you. If you want to create special cocoon zones within your backyard, go with arbors and a hedge of evergreens.

Boost Coziness

Boost Your Coziness

You want your backyard to be not only inviting to the eyes, but also relaxing for the body, so pay special attention to comfort. Benches and flat stones can offer a place to sit for a few minutes, but if you want to take outdoor afternoon naps, have Zoom meetings in your yard and organize events with guests, you will need some extra softness. Outdoor furniture is perfect for such a problem since it offers both comfort and durability. Add a side table or two for easy drink parking as well!

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Add A Splash Of Water

Since we can’t really travel to any beach destinations during the pandemic, you can bring the water to you by installing a small water fountain or a reflecting pool in your backyard. These elements are as soothing as they are beautiful, no matter how big or small you go. A self-contained fountain costs surprisingly little yet leave a great impression.

Light It Up

Light It Up

It would be a shame if you only used your backyard during the day, so make sure to boost its functionality with a few light sources. Don’t hesitate to layer your lighting. For instance, you can start with the main fixture for outdoor dinners and board game nights, add a task light for reading and finish off with some atmospheric lighting such as lanterns, fairy lights, and candles. Contact Gunter Pest & Lawn to take care of your lawn so it’s pest-free this summer.

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Tie It Together With Paths

Throughout your space, you have seating, gardens, water features, and other landscaping solutions, so it’s a great idea to tie everything together with paths. This addition will further improve the look of your backyard but it will also make it safer and easier to get around.
With a backyard like this, you won’t even mind quarantine! Just add a few of these landscaping and outdoor ideas to your space and you’ll have a perfect space for relaxation, work, and entertainment.

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