In the wide world of insect pest issues that plague people every year, mosquitoes take the crown for overall harm. Often spreading illness as they begin to propagate after summer rains, mosquitos represent a real threat to personal and community health, from the West Nile virus to other diseases. As such, we think it’s important for you to understand some of the crucial facts about mosquito control in Kansas City.

We’ll go over the essentials to understanding the pest that you’re up against. Hopefully, this knowledge will enable you to survive mosquito seasons for years to come. Helping you to reduce the mosquito population.

You’re On The Menu

Even though it might feel like mosquitoes exist purely to cause you maximum annoyance and itchiness, the truth of the matter is that we’re simply another animal that they feed on. In more wild environments, mosquitoes drink the blood of any available animals that aren’t toxic to them. As people have expanded into previously forested and flooded areas and built homes, the mosquitoes haven’t left. Now, we have become part of their diet.

Mosquito control in Kansas City. Boy scratching his arm.

Although it’s also important to recognize that mosquitoes are biting insects in order to reproduce. The nutrients they obtain from blood directly go towards developing eggs for the next brood as female mosquitoes are the only ones that bite.

You’re not the only one that they’ll make a meal from, however. Make sure to take steps to protect your pets from being harassed by mosquitoes.

They’re Not Picky About Living Space

Mosquitoes have incredibly short life spans, sometimes less than a week in total. As such, they are a species group that focuses on breeding and producing the next generation. Most mosquito species are built to thrive in some of the most sparse conditions.

Female mosquitoes need only a small fraction of an inch of standing water to lay their eggs in. That is why you need to make sure your outdoor space is free of standing water to help control mosquito larvae in your yard. These mosquitoes only need to mate once and then they can lay multiple batches of mosquitoes over their short lifespan.

In tropical climates, mosquitoes can often be found reproducing year-round. This is because more consistent rain creates a plentiful amount of breeding grounds. Ensure that after significant rainfall, you remove any pools of standing water that accumulate on the architecture or any lawn implements. If you often deal with pooling water in your lawn, you may want to investigate ways to improve your drainage.

There Are Different Options

Your first instinct when staring down a long mosquito season is usually to wonder if there is a large-scale solution that can make the problem go away. While these options exist it’s also important to know how to reduce your interactions with mosquitoes.

At the personal level, it all starts with insect repellent. Simply spraying yourself down each time you venture outside isn’t going to cut it. Take your time and ensure that you are covering all important areas of your exposed skin, and that repellent is applied after other products like moisturizer or sunscreen. Try to use a natural repellent with safe active ingredients if you can.

Use bug repellents to fight off mosquitoes.

This will hopefully give you a significant drop in mosquitoes buzzing around your personal space while enjoying the outdoors. Also when choosing a repellent, consider choosing one that doesn’t make use of the aerosol application to protect the environment.

Speaking of which, the options available to you for larger, property-wide mosquito treatments also vary. At Gunter, we offer our traditional treatment that is applied at various points of your property that are high risk for mosquitoes and aims to reduce their activity. We also offer an All-Natural Mosquito Treatment that can be applied for similar results, but with less of an impact on the local environmental chemistry and well-being. This treatment is also certified as safe for pets.

Call The Experts

Either way, when you’re fighting mosquitoes it can be a long battle. To help avoid a mosquito-rich living space throughout the warm and wet months of the year, consider a protection plan that includes regularly scheduled treatments. Or explore our site and see if a quarterly pest control plan is the right choice for managing your pest needs year-round. Call us at 816-444-2847 today.

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