We have some exciting news! We recently named Noah Gunter Besheer our new 4th generation president. Jay Gunter Besheer, former president and Noah’s father, will remain active in the company as our COO. Jay’s father Norman Besheer will remain CEO. This makes Noah the 4th generation to run our family-owned pest firm.

Noah Gunter Besheer, is the fourth generation family member to operate Gunter Pest and Lawn.

“Most businesses don’t make it to the third generation. The fourth generation is very rare, and if Gunter makes it to the fifth generation that would just be amazing,” said Jay Gunter Besheer. “Just the fact that we could keep it going this long is amazing. And if my grandkids one day wanted to join the business, it would be fun and a great legacy. I always just wanted my kids to do whatever they wanted to do that makes them happy. If it’s a good deal for my son, then it’s a good thing for me.” Besheer added, “It’s an extra bonus for Gunter that Noah has such deep experience in marketing and social media at Fortune 500 companies!” Watch this video to see Jay talking about how it makes him feel.

L.R. (Reggie) Gunter, Jay Besheer’s grandfather and Kansas City, MO native, started the family pest control business in 1950. From 1950 to 1963, the company name was L.R. Gunter, the Bugman, until he changed it to Gunter Exterminating Company and later to Gunter Pest and Lawn. Reggie and his wife Betty Gunter started the business out of their Armour Hills home in Kansas City’s Waldo neighborhood, answering customer phone calls from their living room.

Reggie’s grandson, Jay Gunter Besheer, always enjoyed his grandfather’s friendship and constantly wanted to be around him. So, Jay started riding around with his grandfather on pest control routes around the age of eight, and it became his dream to one day take over the family business.

In 1972, Jay’s father and Reggie’s son-in-law Norman Besheer took over the family business after 17 years of practicing law in Missouri and Pennsylvania. After graduating from the University of Missouri with a business degree and a few entomology classes under his belt, Jay Gunter Besheer joined his father as a full-time employee at Gunter. Jay took over as owner and president in 2000. His father Norman – now in his 90s – still plays an active role as CEO. “I’m very proud that my grandson is assuming the position of president,” says Norman Besheer. “Noah brings an entirely new vision and expertise to our company, and we welcome him with open arms and gratitude!”

L.R. (Reggie) Gunter, Jay Gunter Besheer, and Norman Besheer circa 1968 – the first three generations of Gunter family owner-operators.

Noah Gunter Besheer followed in his father’s footsteps and also graduated from the University of Missouri in 2008. He was one of the first graduates to seek and attain a job in social media as it started to become popular in the early 2000s. Noah started his career launching the social media presence at Maritz, a St. Louis-based employee incentives firm. Noah then managed the social media strategy for brands like Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis, PowerBar, Dymatize Nutrition, and Famous Footwear before joining Gunter full-time in late 2021. Noah’s background in marketing was just what Gunter needed to move toward a big upcoming mile marker – almost 75 years in business.

Jay Gunter Besheer and Noah Gunter Besheer at the Gunter Pest and Lawn headquarters in Waldo, Kansas City.

Noah currently works at the 4th generation family business alongside his grandfather Norman, father Jay, and sister Hayley, Director of Business Development. With such a deep background in advertising, customer service, communication, marketing, and social media, Noah plans to take the company to new levels in a competitive local market, and under his leadership.

“It feels good. I’ve been around it my whole life, so in a way it’s new and in a way it’s not,” Noah Besheer said. “It’s great working with my family, and it’s an honor to carry on that tradition. Hopefully, my experience and my past jobs will really pay off and help us get to where we need to be in the future as a company.” Watch this video to see Noah talking about his new role.


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