Top Reasons to Choose Gunter as Pest Control and Lawn Providers
Locally owned and family operated since 1950

We're Kansas City's Most Trusted Pest Company! Learn how we humbly evolved and why you should choose our team to service your home or business!

We know you have lots of options when it comes to choosing a pest control provider for your home or commercial business, such as your restaurant or office…We may be biased, but we would love to be “THAT” go-to service provider for you! Gunter Pest & Lawn has worked hard over our 68 years in business to earn the unofficial title as KC’s Most Trusted Pest Company that you – our KC community – have given us.  Here are ten of many reasons why you should choose Gunter Pest & Lawn:

1.  We’ve been in business since 1950.  

Roy Gunter, an early resident of Overland Park, founded Gunter Pest Management in 1950. De-Bug, as we were loosely named, began in the township of Lake Lotawana, Missouri.  Still in the 1950s, as the business grew, Roy’s health began to fail. His first cousin, Reggie “L.R.” Gunter joined the family business and took over for Roy.

1971 – Norman Besheer, Reggie Gunter’s son-in-law, takes over the family business after years of a career as a lawyer.  Norman still works as CEO every day – at 89 years old!

2000 to presentJay Gunter Besheer, Reggie Gunter’s grandson, becomes president.

2016 to present – Hayley Besheer, Reggie’s great-granddaughter, works part-time as Director of Business Development.

Choose Gunter Pest Management because we are Kansas City's most trusted pest control company is Gunter Pest & Lawn.
One of the stickers we would put in our customers’ homes way back in the 1950s after treatments!
Reggie Gunter and his wife Betty celebrating their anniversary in 1977. Reggie was still the owner of Gunter was still the owner of the company until his son-in-law Norman took over in 1971.
Jay Gunter Besheer (grandson of Gunter founder) takes over as President

2. We’re a fourth generation family owned and operated pest control company.

CEO Norman Besheer (son-in-law of Reggie Gunter), Hayley Besheer (great-granddaughter of Reggie Gunter) and Jay Besheer (current president and grandson of the founder)

3. More than half of our 30-some employees have been on staff for over 15 years.  A few have worked at Gunter for over 30 years!

Pictured left is Matt Kelley, talking with two summer technicians at our 65th-anniversary party. Matt is a seasoned veteran pest control technician of Gunter for over 30 years.

4.  Gunter treats our employees like family.

Our management team takes our entire staff on an all-expenses-paid team bonding trip every few years if we meet certain goals.  We provide wonderful benefits to our staff and chances to rise in the ranks.  Even our GM Jeremiah Ryden was once – 25 years ago – one of our summer technicians.

Jeremiah Ryden, our GM, has worked at Gunter since he was a summer technician in 1992. After graduation from Kansas State University, Jeremiah rose through the ranks to become General Manager in 2004.

5.  75% of our technicians are termite/lawn/or pest control certified.

This means they’ve been in the industry at least three years and have studied and then passed this exam to become certified in their particular service providing area.  A few of our staff – like our GM  Jeremiah – are certified in all three!   This is an OPTION for pest, termite and lawn care technicians and many of our competitors’ staff members have not taken the initiative to become certified in their division.

6.  You’ve become familiar with our recognizable green and white beetles driving all over town!

Our President, Jay, and his wife, Pam, came up with the Volkswagen idea in 1999 — soon after, our slogan “The only ‘bugs’ you’ll want in your home will be ours!” developed from customers all over town spreading the word about our green and white service beetles.  Check out the evolution of our service beetles below!

Our staff in 2000. Just the year prior, Volkswagen introduced the new “beetle” and we added friendly bugs to our service vehicle fleet.
Introducing white beetles into our fleet in the mid-2000s
Introducing Gunter Forest Green Beetles into the fleet in 2017.
2018 – New Forest Green Beetles with our new logo!!!

7.  We are very involved in the Waldo community where we’ve been based for over 40 years.

Pictured below is our CEO Norman Besheer with Mayor Sly James as he becomes the new Mayor of Waldo.

Norman O. Besheer honored as the Mayor of Waldo, pictured with Mayor Sly James


Use Gunter for multiple home or business services that we provide, ranging from pest control to lawn care to outdoor mosquito control to termite protection.  Interested in multiple services?  Try our BUNDLE PROGRAM for a 15% off discount on three or more services for the year!

9.  We’re locally owned!

You know us as KC’s Most Trusted Pest Company.

Founded in Lake Lotawana – Roy Gunter, an early resident of Overland Park, founded Gunter Pest Management in 1950 and began in the township of Lake Lotawana, Missouri.

Moved and business grew in Armour Hills – As business grew, Roy’s health began to fail. His first cousin, Reggie “L.R.” Gunter took over the family business. Reggie and wife, Betty, continued their humble business from their home in Armour Hills, a classic and central Kansas City neighborhood.

Moved to an office in Waldo in 1980

Moved again to our permanent Waldo headquarters in 1985 We are still here today, 23 years later!  220 West 72nd Street, next door to Sutherlands and Quiktrip in Waldo!

220 West 72nd Street in Waldo, Kansas City

10.  Don’t believe the above :)?  Simply “Ask Your Neighbor why to choose Gunter Pest Management!”  

In the 1950s, when Reggie Gunter (current president Jay Gunter Besheer’s grandfather) was running the company, virtually all new business was derived from recommendations from satisfied neighbors and friends. Reggie was quick to coin a clever motto; “ask your neighbor!” which it seems that over the years, our KC customers have done just that!