Many of our Gunter employees like to explore the world, but we never forget to keep an eye out for one of nature’s peskiest travelers, the bed bugs. Learn how to keep from getting bed bugs while traveling.

Catie is off to visit Spain this week and wanted to share a few tricks she’s learned about avoiding bed bugs while traveling.

Here’s the list of Top Five Travel Tips to Ensure you Avoid Bed bugs While Traveling

  1. Bed bugs can be on your flight. Check the chair to make sure nothing is moving and also double check the blanket and pillow were securely wrapped up and cleaned.

  2. Check your hotel room before you bring your bags in. You should look at the chairs, around the baseboards, and obviously the bed. Pull back sheets and check closely around the headboard to ensure you are staying in a cleanroom that is bedbug-free.

  3. Alert the front desk and request a room change if you feel things are not up to par!

  4. Remember that bed bugs do not discriminate! They could stay at the Five Star Hotel in Paris or a roadside motel in the middle of nowhere.

  5. Don’t let the fear of getting bed bugs to stop you from traveling!

Check Out Our Hotel Pest Control Services

Remember if you come home from a trip and are concerned you may have some extra travelers with you, give us a call. We identify them in the office or come out for a full-service bed bug inspection! We are one of Kansas City’s premier bed bug exterminators and use heat treatments rather than chemicals!

Always remember that avoiding bed bugs is just as important at your house or place of business. These tips can help you in your home, a friend’s house, if you are staying in or own a hotel or any other type of store. Just think if you went to buy a new bed and ended up with a bed bug infestation. Know what to look for and how to get rid of them if you do end up with bed bugs. As always call Gunter Pest Control at 816-444-2847 and we will help you avoid bed bugs when you aren’t traveling as well.