Two Steves Celebrate 10 and 15 Years in Careers at Gunter Pest and Lawn!
Congrats from your Gunter team, Steves!

Two of our most requested technicians are celebrating their work anniversaries today!

Steve Hartline is celebrating 10 years anniversary in his career at Gunter Pest Management!  Congrats, Steve! Steve Hartline is our most experienced lawn care tech expert. He goes above and beyond to accomplish and maintain green lawns for our customers! He is a team player and an important member of our staff.

Lawncare tech expert, Steve, celebrating 10 year anniversary at Gunter Pest and Lawn!

A customer recently called in this review specifically aimed at Steve: “Steve cares more about my lawn than I do!  He deserves a raise :)!”  We love how often lawn care customers request Steve at their home or business.

Get to know Steve Hicks:

Steve Hicks is celebrating 15 years in his career at Gunter Pest Management!  Congrats, Steve!

Get to know Steve: 

What do you enjoy most about your job: The camaraderie between co-workers.  I also enjoy the customer relationships I’ve built over the years.

What are you passionate about? My children

What’s your favorite movie?  Arachnophobia

What is your favorite family tradition?  Family gatherings during the holidays

What are three things left on your bucket list?  Skydiving, traveling across the USA, winning the lottery

What was your favorite tv show growing up?  TAXI

Most unique or scary experience treating a customer’s home: Found a brown recluse spider the size of my hand


We love celebrating our employees‘ 5 year mark anniversaries.  Each time an employee hits their five, ten, fifteen, twenty, etc anniversary, our president Jay Besheer and CEO Norman Besheer take the employee(s) ours to lunch!  Check out our blog post “Top 10 Reasons to Choose Gunter” where we mention how:

More than half of our 30-some employees have been on staff for over 15 years. A few have worked at Gunter for over 30 years!