Gunter Will Soon be Kansas City’s Most Eco-friendly Pest Control Company.

How will we be Kansas City’s most eco-friendly pest control company you ask? By transitioning every aspect of our business to a GO GREEN initiative. 2020 will mark our 70th anniversary as a pest control company in Kansas City. Yup, you heard right… SEVENTIETH! We’ve seen a lot of growth over the years – from sales to employees to expanding our treatment zones – but the one element of growth that we’re most proud of is our initiative to grow into a more carbon neutral, eco-friendly Kansas City pest control company.

There are many elements and lots of evolution behind our slogan: Go, Gunter, Go Green!

1) Green Is Our Color

That doesn’t mean we simply look good wearing green (although we sure think we do!), it means that every aspect of our business is rooted in the color green.

Two eco-friendly pest control employees standing in a backyard in green uniforms.

We officially introduced green as our corporate color in the 1980s. It happened by accident at first because a couple of our service vehicles happened to be green, so we just decided to make it our thing. This proved significant, years later, when a society took a pronounced liking to sustainable pest control treatments and green pest control products.

We recognized this shift in the industry and became one of the first in our region to treat homes and businesses with low-odor and low-impact chemicals. We also chose and still choose to use glue boards and inspections whenever possible. In 1999, we introduced fuel-efficient VW beetles into our fleet (instead of trucks like a majority of our competitors), and organically over time, we’ve been established in the marketplace as Kansas City’s most eco-friendly (or “green”) pest control company.  

See The Evolution Of Gunter’s Green Logo As Part Of Our Eco-friendly Pest Control Company

The evolution of Gunter's Green Logo. Part of our eco-friendly pest control initiative.

2) Our Dedication to Becoming Eco-Friendly

Around 2010, we began offering a new treatment plan called the Diamond Quarterly Pest Control Plan. This plan is fully inclusive for one year. The first treatment, we treat inside and out. The next three treatments, we solely treat outside (unless the customer asks for us to come in). This lowers the number of pesticides in a customer’s home and creates more of a barrier to protect the home from insects coming in.

In 2017, we wanted to take the initiative to be a more eco-friendly pest control company in more ways than just our treatments. Therefore, we made a promise to go fully green by 2020. 

3) Our Process of Going Green

We didn’t become Kansas City’s most eco-friendly pest control company overnight, but rather slowly over time. We’ve devoted a good chunk of our finances towards different parts of our initiative in order to achieve our goal of going fully green by 2020. It hasn’t been the easiest endeavor, but apart from supporting our local non-profit organizations, it sure has been one of the most rewarding!

Phase I: Go Paperless

We started with a new computer and iPhone software system, which allows our office and field technicians to operate 99% paperless. Some pests may live in trees… but that doesn’t give us the right to chop them down to create piles of paperwork that could have been digitalized.

Phase II: Install Solar Panels

In May of this year (2019), we installed solar panels on our vehicle fleet garage buildings in our 1.5 acre Waldo headquarters. 

Our eco-friendly pest control solar panels on Gunter's vehicle fleet garage building.

Phase III: Install MORE Solar Panels

In June (2019), we installed solar panels on our Waldo headquartered office building.

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Phase IV: Create a More Energy Efficient Building

December 2019: We’ll be bumping out our garage doors and walls to make room for more vehicles as we continue to grow and to continue our efforts toward a more efficient, energy-saving building to park our vehicles in. We’ll have only two garage doors for entry and exit instead of eight. 

Solar panels on Gunter's Waldo headquartered office building.

Phase V: TBA…

Any guesses on our most secret “green” initiative that we’ll be launching to finalize our green initiative in 2020? We won’t tell you just yet, but we promise it will be worth the wait.


A Synopsis Of Our Going Green Blog Post

Stay tuned! We’re beyond excited to reveal it to you!

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